Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Christian University

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Updated on May 1, 2023.

With the value of higher education being challenged in the media in recent years, not to mention the heavy costs often associated with private education, what makes pursuing your education as an older adult student at a Christian university a wise choice?

Here are several reasons worth considering:

1. Integration of Faith and Learning

Christ-centered universities offer something a public institution cannot: the integration of faith and learning. Every class, whether traditional or online and not just religion or Bible classes, will be taught from a Christian perspective and integrate the relevance of Scripture into every discipline. Integration helps students see that all truth and knowledge is unified, particularly as it relates to the will and purposes of God for His creation. Students understand what they are learning in every subject has an eternal significance to the glory of God, and the service of others, beyond the pursuit of a fulfilling or financially successful career.

2. Caring Faculty Committed to Your Success in Academics and Life

At a Christian university, you will have professors who are marked by service and have a genuine desire to connect with their students. Caring faculty will pray with and for you and will even be there to offer wisdom and encouragement for other life challenges you may face beyond academics.

3. A Christian Community of Care and Support

Not only the faculty but also the staff who work at a Christian University from admissions to financial aid share a joint mission and vision to serve and support students in the spirit of Christ. You will also share classes with many other students who share similar spiritual and ethical values, and discover life long friends with a mutual love for the Lord and a passion for serving Christ in their vocations.

4. More Affordable Than You Think

While private institutions often are thought of as more expensive than public institutions, the latter generally add on more fees in addition to tuition costs, whereas private schools like DBU add few fees. The federal financial aid formula considers the cost of the education; the higher the price, the more aid you may be eligible to receive, so there is often more aid available for students attending private institutions. There are several scholarships and grants available for students at Christian universities, so it is not uncommon for a student attending a state institution to pay more than a student attending a Christian university.

The value of the education you will receive at a Christian university is ultimately priceless and will sow a deep harvest in your relationship with God and others that will continue to grow and bear fruit in your personal life and professional career.

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Written by Dr. Michael Whiting

Dr. Michael Whiting is the Director of Written Content in University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.