Assessment Advisory Committee

In response to the University’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan Goal to Strengthen Academic Programs:

  • Strategy 3: Evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs and focus on improvement of student learning experiences
    • Initiative 1: Improve student learning through appropriate review and assessment of learner-centered outcomes,

DBU President Adam Wright established the Assessment Advisory Committee in April 2019. 

This University standing committee plays a strategic role in supporting the University in achieving and demonstrating academic excellence. Committee members support their respective college or school in the development and review of strong Annual Reports that reflect DBU’s ongoing quest to enhance student learning. 

The Assessment Advisory Committee is comprised of members recommended by the Provost, Academic Dean, and Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research. Every member will serve as both an Assessment Advisory Committee member and Assessment Liaison to his/her respective college or division. 

Assessment Advisory Committee Members:

College of Business

Joanne Hix, Ph.D.
Christina Chen, Ph.D.

College of Christian Faith

Mark Alexander, Ph.D.

College of Education

Karla Hagan, M. Ed. 
Chuck Roberts, Ed.D.
Adam Ross, Ph.D.


College of Fine Arts

Carter Willis, M.A.
Jennifer Weaver, Ph.D.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Joan Davis, Ph.D.
Richard Conroy, Ph.D.

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Mark Bloom, Ph.D.
Jonathan Cooper, Ph.D.


Graduate School of Ministry

Blanton Feaster, Ph.D.
Dana Wicker, Ph.D.


Gary Cook School of Leadership

Kim Figaro, Ph.D.


Jared Ingram, Ph.D.

Developing a Christian Mind

Mark Cook, Ph.D.


Donna Daniel, MLS


Gail Linam, Ph.D. – Academic Dean
Norma Hedin, Ph.D. – Provost
Carol Reid – Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness
Rebecca Dark, Ph.D. – Associate Academic Dean/Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness and Research