DBU Chapel Worship

DBU Chapel Worship is a vibrant community of students that exists to bring glory to God through worship, songwriting, musical training, and developing disciples of Jesus. Members of Chapel Worship come together from various cultural and musical backgrounds to make known the Gospel both on campus and abroad.

When, Where, Why

The DBU Family joins together three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 a.m. for Chapel. The purpose of Chapel is for students to have an opportunity to worship and hear truth taught from scripture. Chapel also serves as an opportunity for students to hear important announcements pertaining to campus life. Undergraduate students are required to attend Chapel services, however, DBU Chapel does not take the place of the local church and we encourage all students to get involved in a local church context in addition to attending chapel services weekly. The Chapel credit policy can be found online. 

Chapel Worship Roles

The Chapel Worship teams have 4 primary roles: 

  • Leading Worship at Events: DBU Chapel Worship leads worship for our Chapel services, Nights of Worship, BSM events, and many other events both on and off-campus.
  • Songwriting: Each semester, we host a songwriting retreat exclusive to our Chapel Worship members. At the retreat, students spend time in fellowship, focusing on God's Word and working together to write worship songs for the campus community. 
  • Discipleship and Training: Chapel Worship works to disciple students spiritually and trains them musically. To that end, we have woven discipleship for our students into our daily lives and host regular seminars with local worship leaders and musicians.
  • Connect with DFW Churches: The Metroplex is a hub for churches, and DBU wants to fill those churches with grounded, wise, and servant-minded worship leaders. Students in Chapel Worship have access to a robust network of churches who know and trust the quality of leaders that DBU Chapel Worship produces.

Information for Auditions, Scholarships, and Events

Audition Information

Are you interested in joining the DBU Chapel Worship Team?

Auditions for first-year and transfer students are sent in over video! The most important thing for us to hear and see is you, so we would prefer a video where we can see and hear you well over a video of you playing in a service, generally. iPhone videos are more than acceptable!

Please fill out this form for more information.

Scholarship Information

DBU Chapel Worship offers scholarships for both current students and first-year students.

Please fill out this form to find out more about potential scholarships for first-year students who would like to audition for the Chapel Worship team. For current students, please email us at chapelworship@dbu.edu for more information.

Want DBU Chapel Worship at Your Event?

DBU Chapel Worship is currently open to book for events.

Please fill out this form, and we will contact you with more information about how our teams can provide worship for your church service or special event.