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Williams Hall - Male Residence Hall

Caleb Smith
My name is Caleb Smith, and I serve as the Resident Director of Williams Hall. I’m from a small town called Decatur, Texas which is just outside of the DFW area. I started my undergraduate degree in 2010 and spent my first two years living on campus in the Williams Residence Hall. I can easily say that I would not be the man I am today without the friends I made and the experiences I had while I was there. Williams Hall has five Resident Assistants who are here to help with anything that you need, as well as plan programs, foster community and build relationships. Events include the annual Hall Wars Dodgeball Tournament, concerts, service projects, and just hanging out at various locations around DFW. We want to have fun and see you succeed academically as well as provide a place you can grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Living in the residence halls was one of the most memorable times of my DBU student career. For me personally, it was an extremely influential time in my life as I built strong Christ-centered relationships and grew as a disciple of Jesus. I pray that you will seek the Lord and follow Him as He guides you in this next step of your life. If you have any questions, or need anything, please give us a call.
Williams Dorm Room

Caleb Smith

Williams Hall is set up as a suite-style residence hall with five students sharing a bathroom. There are five Resident Assistants who are here to help out with anything you need. From the annual Williams vs. Lange football game to eating out at various places to service and concerts around the metroplex, we strive to keep things fun while allowing you to grow.

Floor Plan

Williams Dorm Floor Plan
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