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Lange Hall - Male Residence Hall

Wayne Briggs
Hello! My name is Wayne Briggs, and I am the Resident Director of Lange Hall. I started my undergraduate degree in 2015 and spent three out of four years living in the Lange Residence Hall. Lange holds a very special place in my heart, especially as I look back over my time as a student. Lange Hall has five Resident Assistants who are here to help with anything that you need, as well as plan events, foster community and build relationships. My prayer is that Lange would be for you what it has been for so many others – a place where the Lord teaches young men how to live boldly for the Gospel and live in genuine, loving community. The friendships that I made and the lessons that I learned were catalysts to my spiritual development as a college student. It is so encouraging to know that, years later, I can still call the guys that I lived in Lange with and they would be there for me. And I am so grateful for the time that my RAs spent helping me adjust to college life, as well as showing me how look more like Christ. The RAs and I are beyond excited to welcome you into the Lange family. We cannot wait to see you succeed academically, mentally, and spiritually. I pray that you will seek the Lord and follow Him as He guides you in this next step of your life. If you have any questions, or need anything, please give us a call.

Wayne Briggs
Lange Dorm Room

Lange Hall serves as one of the male residence halls. The style of living is identical to Williams Hall. Rooms are set up as suites with no more than five residents sharing a bathroom. Lange Hall also has five Resident Assistants who actively serve and engage in the lives of the residents. RAs are one of the primary advantages of life in the residence halls. RAs ensure each student is personally welcomed and provide a social atmosphere that makes adjusting to college easy. While each residence hall is unique in its own culture and traditions, each is similar in its attempt to build community and support students throughout their living experience.

Floor Plan

Lange Dorm Floor Plan
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