Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

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Complete your doctorate in 34 months!

Our challenging, Christ-centered academic environment combines a deeper exploration of faith and learning. An interdisciplinary approach allows you to take ownership of your education and pursue a unique combination of theory and practical experience that equips you to make the best contribution possible in your specific sphere of influence.

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Sue Kavli, Ph.D.
Academic Director

Program Requirements

Educational Leadership

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is a 60-hour doctoral program that emphasizes a practical approach to leadership development, incorporating both theory and research, while accentuating the servant leadership model. The Christ-centered program is designed to produce leaders with the practical knowledge, training and unique skills necessary to develop other leaders. The degree consists of:

  • 20 hours of core studies in educational leadership
  • 20 hours of studies in a selected cognate area
  • 8 hours of research studies
  • 12 hours in dissertation research and writing

Concentration Tracks

Three concentration tracks are offered:

  • Higher Education Leadership – provides cognate studies in higher education administration and leadership.
  • Educational Ministry Leadership – provides cognate studies specific to leadership in the church or a Christian education organization.
  • General Leadership – provides cognate studies for professionals in a range of leadership positions.

Cohort Structure

Educational Leadership

Students progress through the hybrid courses and research as a cohort, completing the program in 34 months. Cohort programs begin in August of each year, with classes offered each spring, summer, and fall.

Students enroll for two (2) classes of four (4) credit hours each term. The hybrid design provides significant learning experiences through the online component of each class, along with face-to-face interaction as students participate in on-campus seminars for one week, three (3) times each year. The dissertation process is interwoven throughout the class structure, allowing students to complete the entire program in less than three years.

Travel Study

Program participants have the opportunity to study in Washington, D.C. and at Oxford University.

  • The Washington Institute is scheduled for the first summer of the program and integrates the study of Biblical servant leadership and leadership theories with extensive exploration of venues in and around the nation’s capitol.
  • The Oxford Institute focuses on global leadership in the context of each study concentration and takes place in the second summer of the program. Costs for travel, lodging, admissions, and most meals are included in tuition for the courses.

How Our Graduates Impact Their World

Educational Leadership

Graduates of the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership are servant leaders who are exceptionally trained to apply their skills in positions of leadership. They utilize their skills through positions of leadership in higher education institutions, educational ministry organizations or churches, the business market and other leadership-oriented endeavors.

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“The integrated curriculum and the praxis-based experiences create significant transforming personal growth. Students emerge from this program well equipped to make a significant contribution to their chosen field.”
— Ozzie Ingram, Ed.D. Professor, Retired