Ph.D. in Leadership Studies Testimonials

The Ph.D. in Leadership challenges students as scholars all the while cultivating their strengths as leaders and galvanizing their pursuit of God's calling." 

Dr. Mary Nelson
Ph.D. Director

“The thing that drew me to DBU was the opportunity to pursue a degree that was Christ-centered and had the discipline and rigor associated with the formal Ph.D. program.”

– Dr. Doug Lawson 
Ph.D. Graduate

“The Leadership Studies Ph.D. at DBU is a life-changing experience. Hard work and challenge await those who enter the program, but the results are personally and professionally rewarding.” 

– Dr. Chris Medenwald
Ph.D. Graduate

"I realize that my time in the military and my challenges with my transition from active duty to civilian life was tough, and God used that experience to prepare me for this new role."

– Marlon Iván Ríos

“Being a part of the Gary Cook School of Leadership remains one of the defining moments not only in my educational pursuits, but also in my life and journey as a follower of Jesus.” 

Dr. Marcus Goodloe
Ph.D. Graduate

“The Ph.D. in Leadership Studies professors are my coaches spurring me on to become the leader God has called me to be.”

– Dr. Joseph Myung
Senior Pastor, San Diego, CA

“At DBU, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other top leaders in business, education, government, ministry, and other disciplines.” 

Dr. Jeremy Dutschke