Contact the School of Leadership

Dr. Blake Killingsworth, Dean, Cook School of Leadership
(214) 333-5175
Nation Hall 201

Dr. David Cook, Dean, Global Studies and Pre-Professional Programs
Associate Professor of Leadership
(214) 333-5117
Pilgrim Chapel 205

Dr. Mark Cook, Assistant Professor of Leadership
(214) 333-5498
Nation Hall 006

Dr. Jeremy Dutchke, Associate Vice President for Administrative Affairs
Professor of Leadership
(214) 333-5725
Pilgrim Chapel Suite 303

Dr. Kimberly Figaro, Director, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Program
Associate Professor of Statistics and Leadership
(214) 333-5720
Nation Hall 201

Dr. Rodney Garrett, Professor of Higher Education
(214) 333-5740
Nation Hall 201

Dr. Jack Goodyear, Professor of Political Science
(214) 333-5484
Fax: (214) 333-6809

Dr. Mark Hale, Assistant Provost, Director of Hybrid Education
Assistant Professor
(214) 333-5503
Collins Learning Center 321

Tish Hearne, Director, Master of Education in Higher Education
(214) 333-5896
Nation Hall 006

Dr. Sue Kavli, Director, Academic Research
Associate Dean
Professor of Leadership and Research
(214) 333-5381
Nation Hall 201

Dr. Josh Longmire, Director, Master of Arts in International Studies
Director, Master of Arts in Leadership
(214) 333-5853

Dr. Mary Nelson, Director, Ph.D. in Leadership Studies Program
(214) 333-5396
Nation Hall 202

Dr. Michael Whiting, Assistant Professor of Christian History and Leadership
(214) 333-5189
Strickland 216

CSL Main Line: (214) 333-5484
Fax: (214) 333-5605
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