Ph.D. Program Frequently Asked Questions

Toward whom is the Ph.D. program geared?

Our Ph.D. is interdisciplinary in its approach and geared toward people who are in places of leadership and ministry. We fully expect that our graduates will impact their cultures, the marketplaces, and the world for Christ. Our students will be reading, researching, and writing in their own contexts. They will be training leaders to engage the world with the claims of Christ in all settings—not just in the church, which we also know will happen. 

How does DBU’s Ph.D. degree compare with other Ph.D. degrees? 

The DBU Ph.D. degree will be comparable to the highest in the nation, with the level of work exponentially higher than master’s level. It will require massive amounts of reading, a high level of critical thinking and an effective mix of writing, argument building, and communication skills. We unashamedly ground our study in God’s Word and in the principles of the Kingdom. The servant leader model is an integral part of our DBU DNA and is thus prominent in our mission statement. 

How do I apply for the Ph.D. program? 

All Ph.D. applicants must meet the admissions requirements to be considered for the program. International students who did not receive an accredited baccalaureate and/or master’s degree from the United States must also meet the English language requirement. In addition, applicants are required to participate in a personal interview during a one-day Admissions Interview Event at DBU. Both the application packet items and the interview will be taken into consideration to determine if an invitation to study in the program will be extended to the applicant. 

When should I begin the application process? 

Prospective students should begin the application process as early as possible. Applications for summer matriculation are due March 17. Applicants should submit their admissions packet to the Gary Cook School of Leadership as soon as it has been completed.

What is a cohort? 

A cohort is a group of students who progress through their program together. Students participating in a cohort experience a built-in support system. They get to know each other in an in-depth manner and share life experiences. 

Will I need to take a master’s level statistics class before enrolling in the Ph.D. statistics class? 

If you take a master’s level statistics class and earn at least a B prior to enrolling in the Ph.D. program, then you will have met the prerequisite. If not, there is a statistics class offered for those who are already in the Ph.D. program and have not yet fulfilled the statistics prerequisite. 

Are the summer institute trips required and what is the additional cost of the trips? 

In addition to the semester courses, the program includes three summer institutes comprised of 7-10 day intensive sessions. All three summer institutes are required for the Ph.D. program. The first summer institute is held on-site at Dallas Baptist University, and there are no travel expenses associated with this institute. The second summer institute is held in Washington, D.C., and the third institute is held in Oxford, England. Students pay tuition and the institution pays for airfare, room, and two meals a day.

Will I be eligible to teach full-time at DBU? 

Most colleges and universities now subscribe to the recommendations of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, which requires that all full-time instructors who teach at the college and university level have an earned terminal doctoral degree. The full-time faculty position will depend upon the fields you choose to pursue and your expertise/competencies in those areas, as well as the need of the given academic community at the time you choose to apply (where the specific academic faculty openings are).