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When comparing the cost of DBU to other institutions, keep in mind the financial aid we can offer you, the fewer amount of hours it takes to complete our programs, and our schedule flexibility in relation to your life. When it comes to finding a school with cost-effectiveness, DBU is here to serve you.

Dallas Baptist University assists students in obtaining financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid. Further information may be obtained from DBU’s website, Financial Aid, or by calling (214) 333-5363.

Baptist General Convention of Texas Matching Program

Dallas Baptist University will match up to $500 per semester given by the BGCT on behalf of students employed by the BGCT up to $3,000 total. Certain restrictions apply. For information, contact DBU's Financial Aid Office at (214) 333-5363 or the BGCT at (214) 333-5363.

Baptist Minister's Dependent Scholarship

The spouse of an ordained or licensed minister who actively serves full-time in any Baptist church or Baptist agency ministry may be eligible to receive a per semester hour tuition scholarship. For information contact DBU's Financial Aid Office at (214) 333-5363.

Church Matching Gift Program

Dallas Baptist University will match up to $3,500 per academic year given on a student's behalf from his/her local church. Certain restrictions apply. Refer to the Church Matching Gift Guidelines at the Financial Aid website for more information.

Camp Ministry Matching Gift Program

Dallas Baptist University will match designated Christian Camp gifts for DBU students up to, but not exceeding, $1,300.00 per academic year. For further information, contact DBU’s Financial Aid Office at (214) 333-5363.

DBU Military Chaplaincy Scholarship

Students in DBU's Chaplaincy Program who have been commissioned into the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy or U.S. Air Force Chaplain Candidate Program may qualify to receive a $2,000 per academic year scholarship. This is a need-based scholarship which is exclusively available for those who have been commissioned into military chaplaincy. For information contact Dr. Tom Vann at (214) 333-5363.

Ministry Student Grant/Scholarship

The Ministry Student Grant/Scholarship program is available to qualifying students who have shown evidence of a divine call to vocational or bi-vocational church-related Christian ministry. Applications for this grant/scholarship may be obtained from the Ministry Student Office, the Office of Financial Aid, or on the Financial Aid pages of the DBU website. Active membership in DBU's Ministry Fellowship and an annual renewal application are required. Applications for the next school year will be available in January. The deadline for submitting the application is the last day of late registration.

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The Ed E. and Gladys Hurley Foundation

This scholarship is provided for worthy and deserving students who are currently enrolled and wish to study to become ministers or to study other phases of religious education within the Protestant faith. Students from any state may apply, but only for colleges in the state of Texas. This scholarship application is due at the end of April. For information about eligibility, questions, or an application email Leslie Moulton at leslie@dbu.edu.

Additional Financial Aid Information

Students may be eligible for federal student loans, veterans benefits, and more. For more information, call the Office of Financial Aid at (214) 333-5363.

For more information regarding doctoral scholarship opportunities, please view the BGCT Members Opportunities (PDF).

Note: For information regarding tuition, please view the cost of attendance.