A Beacon for Leaders

Continuing in the DBU tradition of colonial-styled buildings and deep appreciation for America’s rich history and patriotic heritage, Nation Hall will serve as a beautiful source of guidance and inspiration where Christian leaders can discover spiritual and intellectual rejuvenation.

Purpose of the Building

The establishment of a new building for the Cook School of Leadership provides a centralized home to continue groundbreaking research to shape ministries, businesses, non-profit organizations, health care, and educational systems and many other entities served by our students and graduates. Nation Hall also serves as a resource for those seeking to employ our students and graduates as well as a place where others can learn new and innovative methods for leadership.

Nation Hall is truly a retreat for restoration, learning, and inspiration. Innovative in its design, Nation Hall serves a number of specialized functions for the Gary Cook School of Leadership and support the ever-increasing growth of our campus community.

Architectural Rendering of Nation Hall

Nation Hall at night