The Institute of East Asian Studies

Institute of East Asian Studies

The Institute of East Asian Studies (IOEAS) at Dallas Baptist University is an interdisciplinary community composed of faculty members and students of DBU and surrounding institutions who share a common interest in the study of East Asia, and whose studies are predisposed to a wide variety of issues on China, Japan, and Korea.

The East Asian Studies (EAS) program was formed in 2005 to provide a forum and focus within Dallas Baptist University whereby faculty and students can engage in the study and dissemination of knowledge about China, Japan, and Korea, generally known as East Asia.

Zhongaifang Archway in Kunming, China
group of people of various ages in Yunnan Ethic Village, China
Downtown Kunming, China

Why Minor in East Asian Studies

  • East Asia (China, Korea, and Japan), home to one-fourth of the world's population, influences culture around the world in a significant way.
  • Recent changes in East Asia are reshaping the global economic and political environment.
  • East Asian Studies provides opportunities for you to discover new global perspectives.
  • Regardless of your major, researching and learning about East Asia is a practical component in preparing you to engage in a twenty-first-century globalized world.
  • Knowledge of East Asia combined with other disciplines enhances your international marketability.
  • Studying East Asia develops and improves your intercultural communication competence.
  • Understanding East Asian history and culture helps you better relate to East Asians for sharing the gospel.
  • Study of East Asia also provides a fresh insight into your own heritage.

For more information about earning a minor in East Asian Studies, visit the minor page.

Career Opportunities

Completing an East Asian Studies Minor, you will be able to serve in the following types of fields:

  • Economic/trade relations
  • English language teaching
  • International missions/church planting
  • Journalism/mass communication with an international focus
  • Nonprofit/non-governmental organizations (NGO’s)
  • Social/political Developments
  • Translation/interpretation
Songdo Market in Incheon, South Korea