Spring 2022 Symposiums

In an abundance of caution, the Friday Symposium events will be held in-person and online. For the teams link or to RSVP in-person attendance, please email Kate Adams (kadams@dbu.edu). For more information on DBU's COVID-19 response, visit www.dbu.edu/coronavirus.

All symposiums meet on Fridays at noon in Rogers Theater, Pilgrim Chapel LL-14, and Online. 

4th: “Gender Issues and the Church”

  • Dr. Shelly Melia – Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Ministry, Program Director for the Master of Arts in Children's Ministry and the Master of Arts in Family Ministry, Professor of Childhood Education, DBU

11th: “A Stone in the Middle of the River: The Simple, Remarkable Life of Eugene Peterson”

  • Dr. Winn Collier – Director of the Eugene Peterson Center and Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Christian Imagination, Western Theological Seminary

18th: “Threads of Light in The Scarlet Letter: Adapting Hawthorne's Novel for the Contemporary Musical Theatre Stage."

  • Dr. Christine Jones – Assistant Professor of English, DBU; Kenady Humphrey – DBU Graduate

25th: “The Biblical Practice of Lament: Implications for Therapy”

  • Dr. Joan Davis  Professor of Counseling and Psychology, DBU; Dr. Jordan Davis – Director of Counseling and Spiritual Care, Assistant Professor of Counseling, DBU

4th: “Social-Emotional Learning in K-12 Schools (A Panel Discussion)”

  • Dr. Sharon Lee – Professor of Education, Director of Research in K-12 Education, DBU:  Dr. Dana Jackson – Chief of Support Services, Grand Prairie ISD; Dr. Chelsea Kostyniak – Principal, Virtual Academy, Arlington ISD; Dr. Michael Hill – Deputy Superintendent, Arlington ISD; Dr. Abigail Torres-Hobart – Assistant Director of Special Education, Region 10 Educational Service Center; Dr. Tyler Yarbrough – Adjunct Professor of Education, DBU and Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Frisco ISD

18th: "God, Evil, and Christian Belief: Developing a Compatibilist View"

  • Dr. Scott Shiffer – Adjunct Professor of Theology, DBU and Director of M.A. in Christian Studies & M.A. in Christian Leadership Programs, Criswell College

25th: “Fides Scientia: Why We Can Have Faith in Science and Consider Scientific Experts Worthy of Our Trust”

  • Dr. Mark Bloom – Professor of Biology and Science Education, DBU

1st: “Looking for Better Good News: The Gospel Possibility in the Face of Race”

  • Dr. Vince Bacote – Associate Professor of Theology and Director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics, Wheaton College

8th: “The Dream of the Faerie Queene: Beauty, Longing, and the Love of God”

  • Dr. Ben Myers – Crouch-Mathis Professor of Literature and English, Oklahoma Baptist University

22nd: “Under the Big Tent of Kingdom Business: A Panel Discussion”

  • Dr. Ross O’Brien – Director of the Center of Business as Mission and Professor of Management, DBU

29th: “Exemplary Lives: Generalization and Eulogy in T.S. Eliot’s Pedagogy”

  • Dr. Philip Irving Mitchell – Director of the University Honors Program and Associate Professor of English, DBU