Spring 2023 Symposiums

In an abundance of caution, the Friday Symposium events will be held in-person and online. For the teams link or to RSVP in-person attendance, please email Emily Gardner (egardner@dbu.edu).

All symposiums meet on Fridays at noon in Rogers Theater, Pilgrim Chapel LL-14, and Online. 

3rd: “Nolo Episcopari: The Leadership Wisdom of J.R.R. Tolkien”

  • Dr. Mark Cook, Associate Professor of Leadership, DBU

10th: “Judging What is Good: Augustine and the Spiritual Role of the Bodily Senses”

  • Tavner Threatt, Instructor of Modern Literature, Founders Classical Academy

17th: “17th Four Challenges in Modern Healthcare”

  • Dr. Lee Mills, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Community Care

24th: “The Church and its Critics: Is Organized Religion Evil?”

  • Dr. Jeffrey Kramer, Instructor of Chemistry, Grapevine Christian School and DBU

3rd: “How We Spend Our Days is, of Course, How We Spend Our Lives: The Formative Power of Digital Practices”

  • Dr. Felicia Wu Song, Professor of Sociology at Westmont College

10th: “The Arts and New Creation: A Panel Discussion”

  • Dr. Jodi Grimes, Associate Professor of English; Mr. Jim Hutchinson, Associate Professor of Communication and Fine Art; Dr. John McCuin, Professor of Physics and Mathematics; Dr. Jennifer Weaver, Associate Professor of Music, DBU

24th: “The Case for a Christian Humanism”

  • Mary Flickner, Coordinator of Developing the Christian Mind, Sam Still, Assistant Director, University Honors Program, DBU

31st: “Icons, Orthodoxy, and Spirituality: Writing about Faith”

  • Susan Cushman- Author of Pilgrim Interrupted, Tangles and Plaques: A Mother and Daughter Face Alzheimer’s

14th: “Ambition and Contentment In a World of Creative Destruction  ”

  • Dr. Ross O’Brien, Director of the Center for Business as Mission and Dr. Rick Martinez, Professor of Entrepreneurship, DBU 

21st: “The Intellectual, Moral, and Civic Value of Science and Science Education”

  • Dr. Mark Bloom, Professor of Biology, DBU

28th: “God is Not Robbed’ Dorothy L. Sayers, the Philosophy of Time, and the Problem of Evil”

  • Dr. Philip Irving Mitchell, Director of the University Honors Program, DBU