Accelerated Graduate Placement and Bridge Programs

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The Accelerated Graduate Placement (AGP) program at DBU provides an opportunity for advanced undergraduate students to demonstrate knowledge and skills from both undergraduate and graduate courses in the same semester, earning credit for graduate work while completing their undergraduate degree. Accelerated Graduate Placement credit earned may be applied when the student begins his or her graduate program at DBU, reducing both the cost and time to complete a master’s degree.

Master of Arts in Psychology and Professional Counseling Programs

For the Master of Arts in Psychology and the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling programs, DBU offers specialized Bridge Programs. Bridge programs at DBU provide a means for advanced students pursuing Bachelor's degrees in psychology to attain knowledge and skills from both undergraduate and master’s degrees in a single accelerated process. Bridging from the bachelor's to one of these highly sought-after master's programs provides a faster track to graduation, prepares students for professional licensure, and reduces costs for the student.

Both the AGP and Bridge programs allow students to complete their undergraduate and graduate programs more efficiently and enter the workforce sooner with a competitive advantage.

Listings and Further Information

View our full listing of AGP/Bridge program degrees. For more information about this program and the scholarships available contact our Graduate Affairs office at graduate@dbu.edu or (214) 333-5242.