An Investment in Your Future

Your education is valuable and your college years are incredible. Both the experience and the degree are an investment in YOU - growing you as a person and preparing you for the future God has planned. 

Here is an overview of the cost of a DBU education - we hope to have made it clear and simple, because nobody likes complicated financial information! Want to dig into all the details? Click through the cost breakdown below or jump over to our Net Price Calculator to get an even more accurate cost estimate specific to you!

And don't let these numbers scare you - head to our Financial Aid and Scholarships pages next! 86% of students receive some form of financial aid or scholarships and there are so many ways to make paying for college possible!

The Big Picture 

Avg. Tuition & Fees per Year:


Avg. Financial Aid per Year:


*based on incoming first-year students for Fall 2020; all aid sources, including federally subsidized loans

The Details

  2020-2021 2021-2022
Undergraduate Credit Hour $1,023 $1,074

Residence Halls

Residence Halls* 2020-2021 Summer 2021 2021-2022
2-Person Room $1,700.00 n/a $1,750.00
3-Person Room $1,400.00 n/a $1,450.00
Long Summer n/a $1,200.00 n/a
Summer I or II n/a $600.00 n/a
Stone and Jewel House**
   Double $1,700.00 + $350.00    $1,750.00 + $350.00
   Triple $1,400.00 + $350.00    $1,450.00 + $350.00

*A meal plan is required for all students living in the residence halls during the Fall and Spring semesters.

**Living and Learning Communities have an additional $350 charge per semester for further programming, materials, and apparel.

Residence Hall Meal Plans

Traditional Plans 2020-2021 2021-2022
14 Meal Plan: 14 meals per week, $125 Flex Dollars $2,335.00 + tax (per semester) $2,450.00 + tax (per semester)
Unlimited Plan: unlimited meals per week, $100 Flex Dollars $2,495.00 + tax (per semester) $2,620.00 + tax (per semester)
Unlimited Plus Plan: unlimited meals per week, $500 Flex Dollars $2,895.00 + tax (per semester) $3,020.00 + tax (per semester)

Upperclassman Housing

Housing Type 2020-2021 Lease 2021-2022 Lease
Colonial Village Apartments
4-Person Apartment $500.00* $500.00*
5-Person Apartment $450.00* $450.00*
Mabee Village Townhomes
6-Person Townhome $480.00* $480.00*
7-Person Townhome $430.00* $430.00*
Mabee Village Brownstones
6-Person Brownstone $520.00* $520.00*
7-Person Brownstone $470.00* $470.00*
Ford Village Residential College
8-Person Rate $540.00* $540.00*
Programming Fee $350.00*** $350.00***

*A 12-month housing agreement is required of all students living in the Colonial Village Apartments, Brownstone Apartments, or Williamsburg Townhomes.

***The Ford Village Residential College has an additional $350 charge per person per semester for further programming.

Upperclassman Housing Meal Plans

Colonial Plans 2020-2021 2021-2022
25 Meal Block $210.00 + tax --
60 Meal Block $470.00 + tax --
50 Meal Block -- $300.00 + tax
The Patriot Plan: 15 meals, $300 Patriot Dollars $300.00 $350.00
The Colonial Plan: 8 meals, $200 Patriot Dollars $200.00 $250.00