Join a Local Church

Being in the heart of DFW means there are so many amazing, Gospel-preaching churches in the area. Get plugged in and go deep within the local body of Christ!

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Northway Church

"I first visited Northway as a freshman, and since becoming a member, I have loved the biblical community that has come as a natural result of me attending Northway Sunday after Sunday. Northway now feels like home and I have grown exponentially from the faithful teaching, preaching, care, and leadership of the church." - Sidney, Northway Church

First Baptist Irving

"I love First Irving because it really gives me an opportunity to get a glimpse of what true fellowship is going to be like in Heaven. Every person there is just so genuine, kind, and really seeks to go beneath the surface and love the body of Christ like Christ loves the church." - Kevin, First Baptist Irving
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Stonegate Church

"Since the first moment I walked through the doors of Stonegate Church, their authentic, gospel-driven hospitality has been so evident. During my time as a member I have seen first-hand the intentionality that goes into making people know they belong in the church, and on a grander scale, the family of God. That genuine, intentional hospitality gives room for the Gospel to be well received by anyone who attends a service and is one of the primary reasons why my love for this church runs deep."
- Mackenzie, Stonegate Church

Watermark Church

"Watermark is an amazing place to find biblical community that pushes you toward Christ and Gospel-centered teaching. I love Watermark because of the impact it has had on my college experience and my relationship with God. I wouldn't be the man I am today without the influence of Watermark in my life and I'm thankful to be a member at such a God-fearing church." - Josh, Watermark Church
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