Faith & Learning

Integrating faith into every facet of life at DBU is at the heart of what we do because it is the heart of who we are. From the classroom to the athletics fields to the dorms, Christ is at the center of all things. Your spiritual growth isn't separate from your academic or social growth, and we believe your college experience should reflect that. This is what an integrated, holistic education means, that all things filter through a Gospel lens! Hear some thoughts from DBU Faculty on faith integration!

Dr. Michelle Henry
"Our faith should not simply decide what we learn or how we interpret what we learn. Our faith must be the means by which our learning moves beyond the mere pursuit of knowledge for its own sake to the cultivation of knowledge rightly designed and righteously exercised to bring about our individual and collective transformation."
- Dr. Michelle Henry, Professor of English
"Teaching from a Christian worldview allows me to integrate faith into the classroom as it provides a foundation from which to structure discussions about geopolitics and international relations. Regardless of the topic or issue at hand, our discussions are centered on seeking first God’s Kingdom and bringing Him glory."
- Lee Bratcher, Associate Dean, College of Humanities
Lee Bratcher
Dr. Christina Chen
"Here at DBU, students have dedicated educators who love the Lord intensely and genuinely care about their students. DBU’s quality Christian education is grounded in the truth of God, which produces spiritually mature believers who are both wise and knowledgeable."
- Dr. Christina Chen, Associate Professor of Statistics and Chinese
"A Christ-centered education simultaneously begs the question, 'How does this data inform my understanding of Christ?' while exclaiming, 'What incredible information! How marvelously brilliant our God is!"
- Dr. Brent Thomason, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Dr. Brent Thomason
Dr. Justin Gandy
"I want to help students understand their calling and become excellent in their chosen field so that they can help bring redemption to a lost and broken world, to help them understand how they can help God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven."
- Dr. Justin Gandy, Associate Professor of Management