DBU COVID-19 Response and Protocols

COVID-19 case count as of 5/14/21 among all DBU faculty, staff, and students on campus and off campus: 0

May 12, 2021 UPDATE: For the remainder of the Spring semester through the end of the month of May, DBU’s health and safety policies will remain in place unchanged.  Beginning May 31, DBU will be altering some of the health and safety requirements. Please see below for further information.


Latest Updates

May 12, 2021

Dear All DBU Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Thank you for the incredible ways you have demonstrated resiliency this past year.  You are to be commended for a host of reasons, but I am most thankful for how many of you have continually reflected Christ-centered servant leadership through your work here at DBU.  This has certainly been a year for the ages!

In conversation this week with one of our local hospital CEOs, he commented that the time has come to put the pandemic in our rear-view mirror and begin to focus on life in a post-pandemic world.  Certainly, this administrator made these comments knowing the pandemic rages on in very alarming ways in certain parts of the world, but in large part, we have been fortunate to have “turned a corner” in the United States, and particularly in Texas, in our battle against this terrible disease.  There is still work to be done, but our focus needs to now shift toward the future as we move forward.

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Please read DBU's latest Clery Act Spring 2021 Notice for the entire DBU Community.