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Professional Sales and Management Optimization


Expand career opportunities, change careers, or enhance influence regardless of your vocation through the Professional Sales and Management Optimization Program. Available as an Advanced Certificate or 12-hour concentration, the program is designed to equip students with the following competencies:

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  • Create and implement strategies and scorecards to manage accounts, optimize selling opportunities, develop dynamic forecasting models, and generate revenue
  • Develop customer profiles and buying criteria
  • Create and implement personalized activity plans
  • Influence purchase decisions and business conditions affecting sales
  • Create impactful statements that engage decision makers
  • Eliminate obstacles that negatively impact a sale


The Professional Sales and Management Optimization Program will apply two major goals of the DBU and M.A. in Management program mission statements. First, the program will prepare graduate students with Christ-centered, quality higher education. Graduates will be results-oriented and creative-thinking individuals. The program will synthesize interpersonal skills, teamwork adaptability, sales management, and strong decision-making skills in a competitive sales environment. Graduates will apply servant leadership principles and applications internally within the current organization and externally in the competitive global sales environment.


MANA 6353 - Mastering Professional Selling Solutions

This course will create informative and persuasive presentations, improve communication skills, establish alternative solutions for objections and indifference, and build strong customer relationships. Students will compose needs assessments, analyze prospective clients, gather information, develop effective time management, create customer profiles, and move prospective customers to clients.

MANA 6354 - Sales Negotiations

This course is designed to prepare individuals to effectively handle any objection from customers. Students will be equipped with skills that address prospects' concerns and close sales. Individuals will apply negotiation skills to confidently win customers and develop collaborative relationships.

MANA 6355 - Sales Management Optimization

This course is designed to prepare individuals to evaluate opportunities to convert transactional sales to solution sales; create and design models for major account management and sales; evaluate and leverage information to sustain existing accounts, or create new accounts; design clear buying criteria for sales associates; assess key sales objectives to increase revenue, improve win rates, improve talent, increase margins, and improve forecasting accuracy; develop and implement sales management effectiveness; assess buy cycle / sell cycle and align with corporate strategy. A service project will be conducted in this course.

MANA 6356 - Sales Force Management

This course is designed to prepare individuals to optimize performance of sales team and implement “Sales Knowledge Management Best Practices”; execute sales enablement platform to find, use, share, engage sales staff, and functional partners; create solutions leveraging technology to effectively align strategies across all sales functions; design metrics to optimize sales processes, strategic benefit / value, and increase customer loyalty and repeat business; optimize competitive differential strategies, reduce “no” decisions, and predict sales success; assess functional area of alignment in sales and product development, sales and marketing, sales and customer support, and sales and executive management.

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