WWFD (What Would Francis Do)?

Create Your Own Little Flower

Keep in mind the narrative world of Brother Ugolino's Little Flowers:

  • How do the key characters (Bros. Francis, Bernard, Leo, Masseo, & Sister Clare, also Bros. Juniper and Giles) act?
  • What tone do the chapters take?
  • What are the qualities held in high esteem?
  • How is the action typically developed and resolved?
  • What kinds of actions are typical of the characters?

Attempt to construct the plan for your own Little Flower based on one of the following scenarios:

  1. St. Francis and one of the brothers encounter two drunkards: one is "gentle" and talkative; the other is violent and silent.
  2. St. Francis is on a journey to St. James when he finds a flock of sheep has blocked the road and refuses to move.
  3. St. Francis demands that Brother Masseo pour pig manure on him for public penance.
  4. Bros. Bernard and Leo discover a loaf of freshly baked bread outside their cells.
  5. A group of robbers beat and take St. Francis' habit during Lent.
  6. A young novice observes Sts. Francis and Clare walking on a duck pond.
  7. Brother Juniper hears that a dying nun's last wish is to smell flowers.
painting of St. Francis