Admission to the Educator Preparation Program

(1) Pursuant to the Texas Education Code (TEC), §22.083, candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to employment as an educator. (2) Pursuant to the TEC, §22.0835, candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to clinical teaching

First Year and transfer students are encouraged to declare their intention to work toward educator certification as early as possible after enrolling at DBU. A College of Education advisor counsels with each student individually to develop a semester-by-semester degree plan to assure proper sequence of courses. Teacher Candidates wishing to officially enter the Educator Preparation Program should make application to the program during the spring semester of the sophomore year (after 45 semester hours). Applications to the program will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Required level of performance on the SAT administered prior to March 5, 2016:  1070 with 500 Critical Reading and 500 Mathematics OR SAT administered on or after March 5, 2016: 480 Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing, and 530 Mathematics (mixing or combining scores from SAT administered prior to March 5, 2016 and the SAT administered on or after March 5, 2016 is not allowable) OR ACT: 23 composition with 19 on English and 19 on Mathematics. If current SAT/ACT scores do not meet minimum standards, the candidate must take or retake the ACT (for a total of two attempts). If the standard is not met after two ACT attempts, then TSI is accepted with the following minimum scores: Mathematics: 350, Reading: 351, Writing: a placement score of at least 340 and an essay score of at least 4; or a placement score of less than 340, and an ABE Diagnostic level of at least 4, and an essay score of at least 5.
  • An application of petition filed with the College of Education requesting admission to the Educator Preparation Program.
  • Completion of an interview with a College of Education faculty member.
    • Three letters of recommendation must be submitted: (1) from the College of Education and (2) from their content area.
  • Completion of at least 45 semester hours with a minimum overall Grade Point Average of 3.0 and a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average in the teaching field/academic concentration at the time of application to the program. The 3.0 GPA criteria must be maintained to remain in the program. Transfer students must meet these same requirements and apply after a semester of residence at DBU.
  • Prior to applying to the Educator Certification Program, a degree plan must be selected by the student and a College of Education advisor and filed with the Registrar.
  • Evidence of the personal qualities and characteristics desired in a teacher as judged by the Educator Preparation Program Committee.
  • Completion of the admission interview with the EPP Committee.
  • Signed Revised Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators must be kept in the student file.
  • Math and Science certification majors must have completed 15 credit hours in their content field prior to admission to the Educator Preparation Program. All other content areas must have completed 12 credit hours in their content field prior to admission to the Education Preparation Program.
  • Upon receipt of a letter of admission to the Educator Preparation Program, the candidate must provide a written response acknowledging the acceptance of admittance to the program.

Other Requirements

Teacher Candidates admitted to the Educator Preparation Program are required to attend a minimum of ten Student Education Association (SEA) meetings before graduation. Teacher Candidates transferring to DBU with 60-89 semester hours are required to have eight SEA attendance, while those with 90 or more hours need six attendances. A record of SEA attendances is maintained in the Teacher Candidate's file to determine eligibility for certification.

Candidates in the educator programs are required to purchase a TaskStream account. TaskStream is the data management system in the College of Education.

Calendar of Program Activities

Consumer Information about the EPP at DBU

Criminal History Acknowledgement

As required by Texas HB1508, applicants need to be aware of the following.

  • Eligibility for Texas teacher certification in Texas requires that you pass a criminal history background check.
  • If you were convicted of an offense that is not considered appropriate for an educator, you could be ineligible to earn this certification in Texas.
  • You have a right to request a preliminary criminal history evaluation letter from the Texas Education Agency prior to admission into this program. The Texas Education Agency currently charges a $50 fee for this criminal history evaluation.
  • For more information on Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation: Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation-FAQs