Curriculum Lab / Library

In 2012, the Dorothy M. Bush College of Education requested that a Curriculum Lab/Library be established in the College of Education Building. The Curriculum Lab/Library was opened in January 2013. The purpose of this lab/library is to provide a place for our educator candidates to create hands-on learning activities for the students in the public schools. In the lab, we provide equipment, resources, space, and help for our educator candidates as they develop lessons and activities to use in both their education courses and in the public schools. The lab includes computers, an interactive whiteboard, a document camera, a laminator, die cuts, manipulatives in the four core areas of instruction, a scanner, resource books, age-level books, and many consumables. Resource books, children’s books, and some manipulatives may be checked out for classroom use. Further information about the lab, pictures, and online resources may be found at Library Resources for Education. Off-campus and online students may request books and videos be mailed from the main library. More information about distance learning library services may be found at Distance Learning Library Services.