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Charlie Haddox Speaks at DBU BLAST Luncheon

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Charlie Haddox Speaks at DBU BLAST Luncheon

October 26, 2012 | by Kalie Lowrie

Dallas, TX – The College of Business and Graduate School of Business at Dallas Baptist University hosted a Business Luncheon and Seminar Training (BLAST) on Tuesday, October 23, featuring Charlie Haddox, president and owner of Key-Note Consulting, LLC.

Students, faculty, staff, and area business leaders attended the luncheon on the topic of “The Extraordinary Quest: How to Detect, Equip, Launch, and Coach the Servant Leaders all around you!”

Pictured (l to r): Dr. Sandra Reid, chair of DBU graduate business programs, director of MBA, and professor of business; Charlie Haddox, president and owner of Key-Note Consulting, LLC.; and Dr. Denny Dowd, DBU vice president for graduate and corporate affairs, and senior associate provost.

Haddox shared with those in attendance about authentic leadership and how to develop character traits that will stand out in the workplace. He presented a model of a “Critical Task List” that managers and business leaders can use to track projects and tasks to maintain a constant flow of communication and effectiveness throughout an organization. “Servant leaders should focus firmly on work-producing actions, while practicing a gentle way with people,” Haddox expressed.

He outlined a number of traits that companies look for when hiring future employees such as professionalism, high energy, confidence, and self-monitoring. Haddox then encouraged attendees to look beyond the typical traits and hire employees who are authentic and willing to grow. “Seek employees who have character and are coachable,” Haddox said. “By broadening your view from technical facts (bricks) to encompass people processes (mortar), there is much potential for growth.”

Having worked in business consulting for the past 35 years, Haddox has a wealth of knowledge to share. In more than 20 years of practice, he has worked with oil and gas companies, financial institutions, aerospace contractors, construction firms, educational institutions, and marketing businesses to clarify their business purposes and to unify their people for success. Clients have included ExxonMobil, Noble Drilling, Mobil Oil, Samedan Oil and Gas, EOG Resources, Pioneer Natural Resources, Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO), and First National Bank of Ardmore, OK.

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