Baptist General Convention of Texas and Ministerial Scholarships

Scholarship Application

The Ministry Guidance Office coordinates financial assistance available to qualifying Dallas Baptist University (DBU) Ministry Students pursuing a degree in preparation for a career in vocational and bi-vocational ministry. This is an annual application process requiring students to complete the Academic Year Application upon initial enrollment at DBU. All students must renew their application annually thereafter. DBU seeks to support students pursuing ministry with financial assistance through the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) Ministry Scholarship and the DBU Ministerial Scholarship.

Students are required to complete an application once per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer semesters). The scholarship application deadline will be thirty days after the long semester begins and June 1st for summer terms.

This program is available to qualifying full-time or part-time undergraduate students who are active members of their home Baptist church, have shown evidence of a divine call to Christian ministry, have shown a sincere commitment to a career in a church-related ministry, and have demonstrated a lifestyle of commitment to the principles of the Christian life. The student must also have the endorsement of his/her home church.

The First Year BGCT Ministry Scholarships are provided by funds from the BGCT and are $100 per semester hour.  Students must be pursuing a major or minor in the College of Christian Faith in the areas of Biblical Studies, Christian Studies, Christian Ministries, or Intercultural Studies (Missions)Philosophy students must be pursuing a major in that degree.  The scholarship increases to $150 for junior and senior students who are attending a BGCT church and pursuing one of the College of Christian Faith degrees. Non-BGCT and non-Baptist ministerial students receive $50 per credit hour from DBU for each semester after their first year.

Questions regarding this program may be directed to the Ministry Guidance Office by emailing Contact the Ministry Guidance Office for more information on eligibility, or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Complete the online application and submit it.  

Funding is available to qualifying students in the following ways:

  • (BGCT) Ministry Scholarship provided by the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) is available to qualifying students who are members of Baptist churches. After the first year, the BGCT Ministry Scholarship is only for students who are active in a BGCT church.
  • DBU Ministerial Scholarship provided by Dallas Baptist University is available to qualifying students who are affiliated with a Christian church that holds Jesus as Lord and Savior, and who holds solely the Old Testament and the New Testament as sacred Scripture. The DBU Ministerial Scholarship is automatically awarded to students receiving the BGCT Ministry Scholarship.

DBU matching grants are $100 per credit hour for masters students and $150 per credit hour for doctoral students. 

Questions regarding these programs may be directed to the Director of Ministry Students. 

Maintaining Your Scholarship

Living on campus allows students to be fully engaged in the DBU experience. On-campus residency is required for all DBU Scholarships except the Transfer Commuter scholarship.

Students must continue to maintain specific overall GPAs to remain on scholarship at Dallas Baptist University. Learn More about maintaining your scholarship >>