Maintaining Your Scholarship

Living on campus allows students to be fully engaged in the DBU experience. On-campus residency is required for all DBU Scholarships listed below except Transfer Commuter.

Students must maintain the overall GPA listed below to remain on scholarship at Dallas Baptist University. The student’s overall DBU GPA is reviewed at the end of each semester to determine scholarship standing. Students who do not meet established scholarship renewal criteria can complete the DBU Scholarship Appeal Form before or during the semester that the student is requesting the reinstatement of their scholarships. Students will receive a decision via email approximately two weeks after the committee review takes place, however, during the start of the semester, processing time may be delayed. For questions concerning the appeal criteria and requirements, email the Office of Financial Aid at or call (214) 333-5363.

GPA Requirements by Scholarship

Scholarship Minimum Required GPA
Master's CLS 3.0
Academic Achievement 2.0
Academic Excellence 2.0
Academic Honors 2.0
Challengers 2.0
Christian Leadership Scholarship (CLS) 2.0
Christian Service Scholarship (CSS) 2.0
DBU Home of the Patriots Scholarship 2.0
Deans Award 2.0
Deans Honor 2.0
Hispanic Young Baptist Leaders Scholarship 2.0
Honors Program Scholarship 2.0
Ministry Guidance Scholarship (BGCT Ministerial Grant) 2.0
Partner School Scholarship 2.0
Patriot Award 2.0
Patriot Honor Award 2.0
Phi Theta Kappa 2.0
Presidential Scholar Award 2.0
Transfer Commuter 2.0
Tuition Exchange 2.0


  • The above scholarships apply to first-time freshmen or transfer students who begin attendance in the 2024-2025 academic year.
  •  DBU academic scholarships are only available for programs for which regular, undergraduate block tuition is assessed.
  • You may only qualify for one academic scholarship, DBU will offer you the highest dollar-value scholarship only
  • All undergraduate DBU scholarships are renewable for a maximum of four years/8 long terms of undergraduate study and capped at tuition
  • The above scholarships cannot be applied to online-only programs. A student may not receive an academic scholarship of higher value than their original award from their first year as a student.
  • Graduating Seniors who are enrolled less than full-time for their final semester will be subject to their academic scholarships being prorated based on their enrollment status.