Admissions Assessment Instrument

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership – K-12 Leadership Concentration

Recent nationwide studies have shown that the successful completion of an Ed.D. course of study hinges upon a small cluster of critical factors. DBU’s Ed.D. program faculty is committed to helping all of our Ed.D. students finish well. With this commitment as our goal, we have prepared the following Assessment questionnaire to help us think through several key issues together. Please spend a day or two reflecting upon the following questions. As you prepare your answers, take no more than two typed pages per question to give us your thoughtful responses. This completed Assessment will comprise one part of the admissions evaluation.

  1. Describe your life’s purpose, vision, or mission statement as it may relate to the area of Educational Leadership.

  2. DBU Mission Statement: 

    The mission of Dallas Baptist University is to provide Christ-centered quality higher education in the arts, sciences, and professional studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to traditional age and adult students in order to produce servant leaders who have the ability to integrate faith and learning through their respective callings.
    Based upon your answer to the first question and the DBU Mission Statement above, how do you foresee that your participation in DBU’s Ed.D. program will enhance your ability to fulfill your life’s objectives.
  3. As you reflect upon your professional goals and your greatest accomplishment(s) to date, discuss your strengths, interests, and abilities and relate these to your academic goals.

  4. Describe your relevant academic preparation and professional experience and explain how these have equipped you for DBU’s Ed.D. program. What do you expect to gain from your participation in the doctoral program?

  5. Identify a leader you admire and wish to emulate. Explain why.

  6. Among the critical factors that produce additional stress on a doctoral student are the issues of financial, family, and professional responsibilities. How do you propose to balance the demands and successfully complete your doctoral degree?

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