Alumni Testimonials

Hear what a few alumni have to say about their DBU experience and why they love being a part of the DBU Family!

Michael Smith '13, '18

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"Attending DBU was the best decision I ever made. By the Lord's grace, I was given the opportunity to attend a university that loved on, cared for, and prayed over their students regularly. The greatest thing the education program taught me was the importance and value of developing genuine and meaningful relationships with the students."

Micaela Lamb '20

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"DBU instilled in me an unmoving hope that accounting is a special opportunity to blend faith-driven integrity into the financial structure of business. I am eager to highlight the Lord's love through my passions for moral and numeric obedience, within a field so heavily blemished by fraudulent temptation."

Mark David '08, '10

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"The greatest tool that I received from DBU was servant leadership, to serve as a witness to God's calling in my life and to be ready at all times to share the gospel of salvation to the world."