Air Force ROTC Scholarship

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Air Force ROTC offers scholarships that vary in length of award and amount based on academic major and applicant qualifications. All awarded scholarships pay a stipend for textbooks and fees, plus a monthly, nontaxable, stipend during the school year. Scholarship awards are based on specific academic majors related to the needs of the U.S. Air Force. The scholarship opportunities for in-college students are determined at the national level by Air Force ROTC Headquarters and are subsequently administered by the detachment/Department of Aerospace Studies. Scholarship applicants are selected using the whole-person concept, which includes objective factors (i.e., GPA, standardized test scores (SAT/ACT), and physical fitness test) and subjective factors (i.e., personal evaluations).

Because the scholarship program varies according to the budget and needs of the Air Force, interested applicants should contact the Department of Aerospace Studies at 817.257.7461 or for specifics.

High school students may apply for a four-year scholarship during their high school senior year. High school students who are offered an AFROTC scholarship to DBU may also qualify for a four-year DBU room and board grant. Those who receive a three-year scholarship, in addition to the room and board grant, will likely be eligible for a one-year DBU tuition grant to make up for the “missing” year from their AFROTC scholarship. These DBU grants are in addition to the AFROTC scholarship and are only available to scholarship recipients who attend DBU for their degree.