College of Fine Arts

Dr. Wes Moore, Dean

Located in Dallas, Texas, DBU's College of Fine Arts exists to provide an educational program that offers broad experiences in the visual arts, communication, music, and music business. In addition to the course work that introduces the student to the fine arts, many creative activities and programs are offered each year. Regular music performances are presented by our DBU ensembles, including the Grand Chorus, University Concert Chorale, DBU Doxology, Piano Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. Student and faculty art shows and displays, together with musical and opera presentations provide many opportunities for individual participation and enjoyment.

Academic Departments of Fine Arts

The College of Fine Arts offers a number of appropriate undergraduate majors in diverse areas of study through the different Fine Art departments.

Undergraduate Majors

The College of Fine Arts offers undergraduate majors in the fields of visual arts, communication, music, and music business. The curriculum serves as preparation for specialized graduate study, as background training for a career in the arts, or when coordinated with supporting courses in education, as preparation for teacher certification.

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Accelerated Degrees

For undergraduate students studying fine arts, an accelerated degree is an excellent option for highly motivated students who desire an accelerated 5-year program for earning their Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

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Graduate Degrees

The College of Fine Arts offers graduate degrees that exist to provide graduate students with a transformative and service-oriented education experience to cultivate their skills and help them meet their career goals and be successful professionals. Discover how to be an effective leader in your sphere of influence while also continuing to advance your career in your area of expertise.

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