Department of Visual Arts

Visual Arts Majors

The Department of Visual Arts offers a BA or BS degree with Art in four-degree options in the areas of


Jury of Artwork and Portfolio Review

Art students will develop a portfolio of work over the course of their study at DBU. The portfolio will be received for review before the senior exhibit is to be presented. The exhibit should exemplify quality, good judgment, and taste that is consistent with DBU's Christian message and the Department of Visual Arts' mission statement. It is essential to continuously prepare the portfolio with samples of the best work to show potential clients, art directors, agencies, and any person interested in your work.

Critiques and Exhibits

Critique sessions throughout the course of study will enable the student to share work with other class members and participate in discussion regarding artwork. Constructive criticism and positive, helpful observations will be shared with one another. Selected work should be completed, neatly presented, and prepared for exhibition.

Internship in Art

The internship in art is designed to give the student actual field experiences in art. Through the professional cooperation of area art agencies, museums, galleries, studios, and schools, the student will report to a place of employment for a minimum of 150 hours per semester over a 15-week period. This opportunity gives the student a transitional experience between academics and the reality of the work environment in the specialized areas of art in which he/she is considering for a career.


Scholarships are available to those qualified visual arts students. 

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Senior Solo Exhibition

Each graduating senior is required to present a Senior Show of original artwork, digital portfolio, and an Artist Talk. It should exemplify the best efforts in excellence in every aspect. All art should be carefully selected, prepared, and presented. The work presented may be from any phase of your life as long as it is original. One artwork is to be given to the Art Department for the permanent collection.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Department of Visual Arts is to prepare servant leader art students for a professional career in the visual arts and to offer avenues of creative fulfillment for all students of the university. This aim is to be accomplished through the pursuit of excellence and artistic achievement within a Christian context.

Goals of the Visual Arts Department

The goals of the visual art program are to enable the students to develop skills and understanding in the foundations and principles of art, gain knowledge of historical and contemporary art, develop aesthetic judgment, and creatively produce and use their artistic abilities on the basis of mature Christian ethics.

Offering a wide variety of work areas, the program provides practical experience in drawing, painting, design, visual communication, art history, advertising, photography, studio art, and internships. In addition to student art shows, professional artworks and professional artists are also featured.

Educational Goals

  • Cultivate a broad knowledge of the history and visual arts fundamentals.
  • Gain knowledge and experience in two- and three-dimensional art.
  • Develop a workable knowledge of various art fields so the student can develop artistically as well as make a living.
  • Present a portfolio and senior exhibition at the highest artistic level possible.

Ministry Goals

  • Prepare how to deal with challenges in art and culture without compromising faith.
  • Have opportunities to experience and share ideas on how to use art in Christianity and society.
  • Establish a servant leadership presence within the Christian and secular art world.

Art Minor

A minor in Art will consist of at least 18 hours of coursework in the department, including 9 hours of upper-level courses. The student must complete ART 1301 and ART 1303. The general art skills achieved in this minor will supplement many programs associated with visual communications and build competency in both fine and commercial art fields.