College of Business

Dr. Cicely S. Jefferson, Dean

A business degree from Dallas Baptist University is based on the simple idea that we exist to provide an exceptional, Christ-centered, business education for our students. This educational experience focuses on integrating faith and the values taught by Christ into the business curriculum and into our students. These principles are fundamental for our student’s growth, but also vital to employers who desperately crave excellent business leaders, which we cultivate. Ultimately, the College of Business desires to graduate servant leaders who will make eternally meaningful contributions in their field of study, their communities, and throughout the world. You can see how our students are performing by clicking on View Student Performance Data.

Why DBU?

headshot of Sammy Lac

Sammy Lac | Euless, Texas

"I have a passion for law enforcement and technology. Combining these two passions through a degree in Systems Technology and Information Management has been great! DBU has shaped my passion for cybersecurity. There have been three men that have made a huge impact in my life here on campus: Chief Havens, Daniel Kung, and Dr. Dale Sims. These men have acquired extensive experience in their respective fields and have taught me a lot about how God has worked in their lives personally. They have passed on invaluable insight to me regarding how to navigate through life and what to expect when I step into my career after graduating."

headshot of Ross

Dr. Ross O'Brien

Alumnus ('92), Faculty Member

Teaches Management and Entrepreneurship Courses

"I want students to grow and mature, to identify how God has uniquely gifted them and created good work for them to do."

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Undergraduate Business Majors1

The College of Business offers a number of appropriate undergraduate majors in diverse areas of study including Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Hospitality, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing. These areas can be pursued under the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, housed under our College.

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Graduate School of Business1

The College of Business' Graduate School of Business exists to provide an educational and a degree that is both transformative and service-oriented, positively impacting the graduate and his or her business and community.

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1Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Studies programs at the undergraduate level and Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Management programs at the graduate level are fully accredited by the ACBSP. The Master of Science in Information Technology Management, the Master of Science in Management, the Master of Science in Finance, and the Master of Science in Cybersecurity programs have met the conditions for eligibility and will be submitted for accreditation by the ACBSP in the next accrediting cycle. The Master of Science in Accounting, the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, and the Master of Science in Organizational Change and Project Management are new programs that are in the process of meeting the conditions of eligibility for accreditation by the ACBSP.