Undergraduate Business Majors

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree is offered in seven major fields of study. A 33 credit hour business core is required of all B.B.A. candidates, in addition to general studies courses, and each students chosen major’s course work, which is approximately 24 credit hours. A required 120 credit hours is needed to earn the B.B.A. degree.

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A student who graduates with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the College of Business will have demonstrated competence in the foundational areas of business, as well as the technical skills and knowledge in the student’s chosen major. This level of competence in the business disciplines will enable the student to assume roles and assignments in their selected career field.

Working with Advisors

Students are strongly encouraged to work alongside their academic advisor starting early in their academic program and throughout their path to graduation. This aids in the correct sequencing of courses, along with timely academic and vocational advice. An academic advisor will offer direction regarding majors and potential careers, in addition to contributions from various faculty and mentors associated with the College of Business. Attention to the requirements set forth in the undergraduate catalog, the ongoing consultation with an academic advisor will eliminate many difficulties and help the student ensure correct course sequencing.

As an example, it is highly recommended that students complete the B.B.A. math requirement (MATH 1307 and 1308) their first year, as it is a prerequisite to many of the upper level business courses. Likewise, students are strongly encouraged to complete the accounting and economics requirements by the end of their sophomore year. Additionally, a student has completed approximately 55 credit hours of course work, the student should then concentrate on completing the 3000/4000 level courses in the business core.