About the College of Business

The College of Business houses a range of undergraduate and graduate degree options, where students engage with faculty, gain technical expertise, and become proficient in business fundamentals and current content in their chosen area of study. As is our call, we join the rest of the university to please God by producing Christ-centered servant leaders who are transforming the world in the marketplace and in Kingdom work.

Why Study Business?

  • Business benefits society
  • God calls people to business
  • Business opens doors for the Gospel

Read what Dr. Ross O'Brien shares on how business opens doors for the Gospel and how to answer God's calling.

Mission Statement

The College of Business at Dallas Baptist University provides an exceptional educational experience in order to prepare traditional age and adult students for the global business environment. Central to this educational experience is the integration of the Christian faith and Biblically-based values with the study of the various disciplines of business. As a result, students are expected to develop into servant leaders who are able to make significant and sustainable contributions in their service to others through their chosen careers.

Goals of the College

The College of Business aspires to be a premier Christian business school that is honoring to the Almighty God. In this regard, our goals include the expectation of a deepening Christian faith in our students and our faculty. An integration of that faith into the teaching and transforming of our students to a life lived for Christ in business is of the highest priority. Additionally, we desire to strengthen the College of Business’ academic rigor and programming while increasing visibility in the Dallas and Fort Worth business community, Texas and beyond.

Several core competencies are considered essential for the student to complete either an undergraduate or graduate program in the College of Business at Dallas Baptist University. Every College of Business graduate should be able to demonstrate:

  • An appreciation and practice of character, competence, and personal faith in the handling of ethical issues in today's organizational environment.
  • A fundamental knowledge of the crucial business disciplines of accounting, economics, finance, management, management information systems, and marketing.
  • The ability to use business research methods and analyze research data in order to develop business plans and strategies, which supports effective and efficient business decisions.
  • A practical grasp of the dynamic business environment, in addition to successful adaptation to organizational and industry changes as a business professional.
  • A clear understanding of the role that business plays in the development of the economic structures of the United States and international markets.
  • A comprehension of the principles of the free enterprise system and its relation with the legal, social, and political systems and environments of the United States.
  • Effective written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.