DBU Hosts Forum on International Education and Leadership

Dr. Larry Taylor (DBU ’09), President of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

DBU's Global Community recently hosted the Forum on International Education and Leadership from July 17-21. This event, similar to last year, showcased the global influence of DBU and its commitment to empowering and encouraging other faith-based schools and educators. The different activities organized during the forum provided a range of tools and resources that can be used both within and outside the classroom.

The week-long itinerary was packed with a full and diverse schedule of conferences, local school visits, the opportunity to network and connect with others, and a plethora of plenary sessions led by both DBU faculty and guest lecturers. Other guest speakers that shared their expertise included administrators and faculty from Newman International Academy, McKinney Christian Academy, Association of Christian Schools International, and the Network of International Christian Schools.

The variety of topics discussed revolved around the theme of values-based education and the road ahead for students in the current day and age. DBU faculty and administrators, along with other experts in the academic field, reviewed subjects like classroom management, emotional and social advice for the younger generation, healthy conflict resolution, trends in the classroom, and the cultivation of leadership skills. 

As the title of the forum suggests, there was worldwide participation from almost 50 attendees, a significant attendance increase from last year that indicates growth of the forum. Countries that were represented this year included Ecuador, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, Curacao, Panama, Brazil, China, Mexico, Nigeria, and Colombia.  

“This Forum continues to be a light for faith-based schools around the world,” commented Phil Armstrong, DBU’s new Director of The Global Community. “School leaders and teachers are returning to their schools this upcoming year with new resources, ideas, and encouragement to be a light in their community. There is no better way to start the year!”

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Written by Nidhi Pullukuri

Nidhi Pullukuri is a summer intern in the department of University Communications.