Senior Cade Bauer: Summer Internship with NASA


Summer internships provide opportunities for DBU students to sharpen their skills, cultivate their passions, and develop potential career connections. Senior Cade Bauer returned home to Houston this summer to serve in an internship with NASA. 

Q: What does your role at NASA entail this summer? What are some of your responsibilities and goals?

A: I am working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston with members of the sponsor company, KBR. The projects that I have been assigned are associated with KBR’s Integrated Mission Operations Contract (IMOC II). I’ve been developing software tools to support the ISS team, working with application programming interfaces and Excel macros, testing and verifying flight displays, and looking into the potential of developing an AI to support flight controllers.

Q: What has your experience at DBU been like?

A:  I transferred to DBU in Fall 2021, and I’m currently a senior graduating in December. I’m a computer science major hoping to go into software engineering or data analytics. I’m also involved a lot on campus and in my fraternity, Beta Beta, of which I was in leadership last year. I love DBU and am excited for my last semester! 

Q: How is your internship serving as a trajectory for your career calling?

A: I’ve always been good with numbers and logic, and my calling is to work somewhere in the computer science field. While I’m still not sure exactly where yet, this internship has been an amazing chance to develop my skills. I want to serve God wherever specifically I end up going, and this experience has furthered my ability to do that!

Written by Nidhi Pullukuri

Nidhi Pullukuri is a summer intern in the department of University Communications.