The Global Community

The world is in desperate need of leaders who seek to serve rather than be served, whose love for their fellow man compels them to build their communities and make the world a better place. DBU’s mission is to produce students with this mindset. Faculty and staff provide a challenging and encouraging environment for students to discover their unique callings and make them a reality.

DBU is a Global University with over 100 partners in over 40 different countries. The lack of leaders worldwide has confronted us, and we have sensed a compelling call to serve as a connector amongst our like-minded partners to empower those around the world. We know with unity comes strength, so as a University, we are launching a new initiative: The Global Community.

The Global Community is a network of like-minded international schools that together are striving to produce the next generation of leaders. It is our goal to engage, equip, and empower these institutions through educational resources and partnerships. Through membership to our consortium, your institution will have access to many resources and join a global network of schools!