To Bring, Or Not To Bring, That is the Question

Students climb the stairs in the Spence dorm lobby

We are just a few weeks away from SWAT and the beginning of your time at DBU, which begs the question, what do I bring?

Every year, hundreds of new students pile onto the campus with cars filled to the brim with stuff, some of which is necessary and some just isn’t.

We do have a list of restricted items provided by the Residence Life staff, (214) 333-5455. Please be sure to consult that list before heading to campus.

Here, though, are a few helpful tips on what to pack and what to leave at home.

To Bring

  • Mattress Pad – Remember, all bedding should be fitted for an extra-long twin size!
  • Rug – This is a wonderful addition and helpful trick to make a dorm room feel like home. Be sure to coordinate with your roommates on this but students in the past have brought smaller rugs and carpet that work with the dimensions of the room.
  • Professional outfit – You’ll need nice attire if working on campus, attending the job fair, and formals so be sure to have business casual and professional clothes. Note: Every student will visit the President’s house the second day of SWAT so be sure to look nice!
  • Storage Bins – You will have some closet space, as well as some desk space, but it is always good to have some additional storage. Organizational storage that fits under the bed has proven to be especially helpful.
  • Hanging calendar – We do a lot of scheduling on our phone, but it is always helpful to have a physical calendar hanging to remind ourselves of important dates or times…so go on, embrace your inner grandparent
  • Small posters, pictures, or whiteboards – Tip: Command strips and pushpins are your friends. Large nails aren’t allowed so bridge those special adhesive tools
  • Keurig – late-night studying…caffeine…enough said.
  • Mini Fridge – Again the one per room concept can work here. You can bring your own or order a Microfridge.
  • Power strip – Extension cords are not permitted in the dorms, so be sure to bring a couple of power strips.
  • Cleaning supplies – Clorox wipes are a game-changer. Just trust us on this one

Not to Bring

  • Every article of clothing from your closet at home – This isn’t Project Runway. We recommend the “seasonal swap”. Leave some items at home and switch out clothing as the temperature changes!
  • Goldfish – Sadly, Nemo must stay at home
  • Microwave – Stand alone microwaves are not allowed but you can purchase a Microfridge.
  • Candles and Scentsys – Those are not allowed in the dorms so wallflowers or reed diffusers are a great option!

Hopefully, this gives you a rough idea of what to pack. At the end of the day, pack light, don’t overwhelm your family or roommates with a loaded car. Grab the bare essentials and add to your collection as the semester goes along.

The most important thing to bring with you is an excitement and expectation of what the Lord will do through your life while you are on University Hill!

Written by Anna Catherine Bradley

Anna Catherine Bradley is a member of University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.