Highlights of the Year

The Rec Team jumps off the fountain in front of the Mahler
It's been a wonderful year on University Hill! Take a look at some of our favorite moments from the past fall and spring semesters.
Two girls carrying white shirts on a coat rack outside of Crowley
Three girls posing together wearing yellow and black, the girl on the far right is wearing a gold crown and the one in the middle is wearing a yellow jersey
A guy wearing a black shirt in a crowd holding two red cups in the air, he has red face paint on
Group of guys wearing all black posing on the basketball court with a trophy on the floor
Four girls posing together wearing Zeta Chi blue sweatshirts outside
A group of six girls posing with a white dog outside on the grass on the Quad
A band singing, the photo is darker and there are purple lights in the background
DBU Homecoming queen and king, the sash says 2017, they are both wearing crowns and the girl is holding a bouquet of red roses
Group of dancers outside with red sparkling uniforms
A line of DBU cheerleaders on the basketball court cheering on the blue line
A basketball play (number 3) dribbling around another player (number 13)
A group of guys cheering in an audience in the basketball gym. The guy in the front is wearing a blue DBU shirt and the guy in the left corner is wearing a red shirt with white glasses at a DBU basketball game
Two guys outside looking at a sign, the one on the left is wearing a brown coat and the one on the right is wearing a tux
Two guys posing together at Mr. Big Chief, both are wearing headdresses. The one on the right is wearing a red bowtie.
Three guys posing in front of a Christmas tree with lights on it, the guy on the far left is wearing a plaid shirt.
A girl wearing orange holding her hand up, with a blue arrow painted on her forehead.
DBU baseball players running on to the DBU baseball field.
A group of students jumping in the air in front of the fountain outside the Mahler Student Center, all wearing red
Two kids swinging on a swing in a park
Three girls, two are children wearing green shirts
Two girls posing together, one has her eyes closed and is brunette and the other is a girl with a green shirt
Two guys posing outside on top of a mountain / hill / boulders during a travel study trip
A line of DBU graduates, wearing caps and gowns and the leading girl is wearing a medallion
A photo of the DBU chapel during a sunrise
Written by Helen Schlenker

Helen Schlenker is a member of University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.