Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

The Ministry Fellowship Program at Dallas Baptist University delivers comprehensive, accredited, and fully transferrable graduate classes to participants in church residency programs through courses in the School of Ministry. Residents who complete the required courses will earn an Advanced Certificate from DBU in their respective field of ministry and may directly transfer courses into a master’s degree.

Benefits of the Ministry Fellowship Program

Graduate classes are taught by DBU professors, allowing students to receive the same exceptional, Christ-centered education as a student attending DBU full-time. Benefits of the Ministry Fellowship Program include:

  • Price: This strategic low-cost partnership with the local church allows the student to earn an Advanced Certificate in Ministry at no out-of-pocket cost to the student;
  • Headstart on a Master’s Degree: Following the completion of an Advanced Certificate in the Ministry Fellowship Program, students can move directly into a Master’s Degree at DBU;
  • Transferrable Graduate Credits: The credit that Ministry Fellowship students earn is not subject to DBU alone but is transferrable to other higher education institutions. Courses are considered graduate-level courses and can be applied towards a master’s degree.


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After completing an Advanced Certificate, residents will have the option to transfer their credits into a master’s degree

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Advanced Certificates can be completed fully online. There are also in-person classes that will be available for students who wish to be on campus.
The courses in the Advanced Certificate are graduate classes and require a student to have a bachelor’s degree from an institution accredited by an Institutional Accrediting Agency approved by the US Department of Education.
All courses are graduate-level courses that are transferrable to a master’s degree at DBU or to other institutions that accept transfer credits from other institutions.
Due to the unique nature of this partnership, there are no student fees that are passed on to students. Each course will have required textbooks that will need to be purchased by the student.
The courses that you complete with a grade of a “B” or higher will transfer to the master’s degree. Master’s degrees in ministry are 36 hours*. Advanced Certificates are either 12 or 15 hours. For students with a 12-hour advanced certificate, they will need an additional 24 hours (or 8 classes). For students with a 15-hour advanced certificate, they will need an additional 21 hours (or 7 classes). Graduates from the Ministry Fellowship will be eligible to apply for several scholarships that will help reduce the cost of the remaining hours.
Yes, students can ask their academic advisor for a withdrawal form. Once the student fills out the form and submits it to the appropriate DBU department, they will be withdrawn from the class.

Contact the Program Director

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Dr. Shelly Melia
Associate Dean
Phone: 214.333.5943

Pilgrim Suite 301

*To find more information about all of DBU’s ministry programs, visit the Graduate School of Ministry page.