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Any great undertaking requires thorough preparation. DBU Graduate School of Business programs are designed to ensure every facet of your life is ready for the journey toward making a difference.

With faculty genuinely invested in your growth, an array of dual degree programs to suit your call, and flexible attendance options that bring education to where you are, we're ready to help you take the second step toward your call.

The Graduate School of Business has three flagship programs:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The world needs dynamic servant leaders. With rigorous coursework and outstanding faculty support, our MBA program prepares you to make an impact on a global scale.

Master of Arts in Management (MAM)

Want to become an effective decision maker? Our MA in Management develops the skills and expertise necessary to boldly lead any organization to success.

Master of Science in Management (MSM)*

Ready to go higher after digging deeper? Our Master of Science in Management is a specialized degree designed for creative thinkers who are inspired problem solvers! Are you ready to be an innovative and decisive leader? Are you driven to take performance to the next level? This is for you!

*This degere is accredited as specified at the College of Business Assessment Report.