Financial Aid for Graduate Students

The Office of Financial Aid at Dallas Baptist University seeks to support the goals of the University through its mission statement: "To counsel, serve, and assist students in obtaining adequate financial assistance to allow them to meet the financial obligations associated with their attendance at DBU in pursuit and fulfillment of their educational goals while maintaining the equitable and efficient administration of federal, state, institutional, and private financial resources of the University."

The primary purpose of student financial aid is to provide supplemental resources for students who otherwise would be unable to pursue a graduate education. It is the philosophy of the University that the primary responsibility of educating a student first lies with the student. Financial aid, including scholarships and veterans benefits, is offered as an additional resource to assist the student.

For current listings of tuition and fees, please visit the Cashier's Office cost of attendance webpage.

Note: Some aid programs require full-time enrollment. For financial aid purposes, graduate full-time status is defined as nine or more enrolled hours within an eligible attendance pattern. Eligible attendance patterns are explained in the “Priority Dates and Deadlines” section.

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