About the College of Fine Arts

The College of Fine Arts houses the Departments of Visual Arts, Communication, and Music at DBU, offering degrees in a broad range of fine arts programs. An outstanding faculty is ready to serve you and your educational needs in every way possible. Our goal is to help you cultivate your God-given creative skills and talents and develop into the effective artist and servant leader He desires you to become.

Mission Statement

The mission of Dallas Baptist University is to provide Christ-centered higher education in the arts, sciences, and professional studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to traditional age and adult students in order to produce servant leaders who have the ability to integrate faith and learning through their respective callings. The College of Fine Arts is charged with the responsibility of aiding the university in that mission through the creation and development of highly trained and skillful artists committed to excellence in the visual arts, communications, and music, focused in their individual fields of artistic endeavor and dedicated to servant leadership in the church and community.

Goals of the College

The College of Fine Arts offers undergraduate majors in the fields of the visual arts, communication, music, and music business. The curriculum serves as preparation for specialized graduate study, as background training for a career in the arts, or when coordinated with supporting courses in education, as preparation for teacher certification.

  • All general studies students enrolled in courses offered by the College of Fine Arts will have an acceptable knowledge and appreciation of all the fine arts.
  • The College of Fine Arts faculty will
    • Demonstrate excellence in teaching
    • Engage in meaningful participation in professional, scholarly, and service activities
    • Serve as servant leadership role models for students and peers.
  • All graduate of the College of Fine Arts will
    • Be able to demonstrate an excellent level of mastery in their major area which will make them competitive with their peers from other comparable programs in the fields of art, communication, and music.
    • Be prepared to enter either the job market in their chosen field or be qualified to begin graduate study.
    • Have a thorough knowledge of the history, fundamentals, and basics of their field of artistic study.
    • Develop performance skills in their area of expertise to pursue a profession in their chosen field of service.