Graduate Business Degrees

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, Dean 
Dr. Jonathan Wilson (MBA) 
Mr. Sharon Gorikapudi (MSITM)
Dr. Ray Galloway (MA in Sport Management)
Dr. Joe Hopkins (MAM, MSM)
Dr. Joseph Park (MSFIN)

The Graduate of School of Business exists to provide an educational experience and a degree that is both transformative and service-oriented, positively impacting the graduate and his or her business and community. The graduate degrees offered by the Graduate School of Business include Master of Arts in Business Administration, Management, and Sport Management, as well as Master of Science Degrees in Information Technology Management and General Management. These degrees concentrate on a number of relevant studies, including Healthcare, Supply Chain, Business Intelligence and Analytics, and Project Management, among many others. Please see the links below to gain more detailed information on each program. 

Master of Arts in Management 

Master of Arts in Sport Management 

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Master of Business Administration