The pre-medical program is designed to prepare students for entrance to medical school. Qualified Dallas Baptist University students have been very successful in gaining admission to these schools. Students planning a career in medicine should earn a bachelor's degree before beginning the professional study. The student may major in any discipline, taking as electives the courses needed to meet entrance requirements of schools of medicine. A sound liberal arts education is a common prerequisite for admission to professional schools.
Students interested in entering the pre-medical program should confer with the pre-professional advisor as early as possible for assistance in planning schedules to meet the pre-professional requirements.

DBU Pre-Med Program

The DBU Pre-Med Program equips students for Medical School in a variety of ways:

picture of a student with a DBU white coat in front of a hospital

Determining Your Calling to Medical School

Let us come alongside you as you determine God’s unique calling within the medical field. Visit with professors and advisors to determine if medical school is something you are being called to and what specialty might interest you.

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Preparing You Academically for Medical School

Establish the foundation needed to be successful in medical school, residency, and beyond. Through pre-med classes, whether studying the human anatomy or the biochemistry of human metabolism, students will leave DBU equipped with skills needed for medical school.

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Preparing You Personally and Professionally for Medical School

Engage with other students on similar career paths through our student organizations or through service opportunities. Gain real-world experience through internships and shadowing opportunities that help enhance your learning.

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Preparing You for the MCAT and Medical School Admissions

Take advantage of the connections that DBU offers whether it is the Kaplan test prep course, medical school tours, or other workshops. Students will receive personalized guidance from the pre-med advisor to help them make decisions such as where to go to medical school or what career to pursue once they obtain their degree.

DBU Pre-Med Advisor

picture of Drew Ivey
Office: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 
(214) 333-5850

Professor Drew Ivey

Assistant Professor of Biology, Lab Manager, and Safety Director

Professor Ivey teaches various levels of biology and is also the Laboratory Director for the College of Natural Science and Mathematics. He is currently in the final process of receiving his doctorate of philosophy in Biological Sciences. His experience is expansive from molecular biology to Cancer Immunology. His first graduate degree is in Molecular Biology with a concentration in Immunology. He took his knowledge to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and was a Principle Investigator in the Cancer Immunobiology Department for 11 years. Molecular Biology will always be his passion but his joy comes from being a professor. In a Christ-centered educational institution like DBU, Professor Ivey strives for excellence because he believes his students are created in the image and likeness of God, designed to resemble, reflect, and represent their Creator in all things. Molecular biology is not specified in the Bible, but His precise work, grace, and love are seen in every chemical and biological process, and that deserves to be learned and shared. Professor Ivey currently resides with his wife and 3 children in Burleson, Texas, and is a very active member of Alsbury Baptist Church.

Alumni Testimonial

Leslie Omeire | Medicine Major | Medical School Student

headshot of Leslie Omeire

"I am extremely fortunate to have experienced such loyalty and care from my coaches during my four years of collegiate tennis. That in and of itself is a testament to DBU - they hire people who care. The love I experienced here is profound - in every season, I was always met with prayer from faculty and staff. I feel as if I have been able to gracefully navigate where I am today because so many people have been so generous with their time and resources."

DBU Pre-Med Alumni Profiles

headshot of alumni Carlos Oliveira

Carlos Oliveira, MD, PhD

Pediatric Infectious Specialist, Yale New Haven Hospital

New Haven, Connecticut

headshot of alumni Elliott Vann

Dr. Elliott Vann, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist

Abilene, TX


headshot of alumni Gianlugi Fornari

Dr. Gianluigi Fornari

MD Radiologist

Lubbock, Texas


headshot of alumni Danielle Ivey

Dr. Danielle Ivey, MD

Former Faculty of the Texas A&M College of Medicine

Dallas, TX


 headshot of alumni James Howard

Dr. James Howard, MD

Emergency Medicine Physician Resident

Fort Worth, TX

Pre-Med Degree Plan

Pre-Med Concentration

Many pre-med students choose to major in Biology, but there are a variety of majors open to pre-med students, as medical schools value a diversity of majors. Because of this, we encourage students to meet early on with their pre-med advisor and discuss a major that works for them.
Pre-Med Internships and Experiences

Through the Pre-Med program at Dallas Baptist University, students have the opportunity to gain practical experiences through both for credit and not for credit internship and observation experiences. These experiential learning opportunities are critical to the development and execution of many of the core values that are prioritized by the American Physical Therapy Association such as accountability, altruism, compassion, excellence, integrity, professional duty, and social responsibility.

student standing in front of hospital with white dbu lab coat

Students can meet with their advisors to discuss internship opportunities and locations. Rather than the traditional internship format, Pre-Med students have the opportunity to do summer research at hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Former students have interned with John Hopkins Medical Center, Yale School of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and others.

picture of TriBeta students standing together

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a National Biological Honor Society. It is dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological science and promoting scientific research.

man in suit standing at the podium talking

The Dr. Herb Robbins Undergraduate Research Symposium gives students a platform to present scientific research they have done as well as an opportunity for students to learn about new scientific discoveries and the importance of summer research programs.

Is Medical School for Me?
For those who feel called to help others in a challenging and unique environment, the medical field might be for you. As you determine where you might be called to, DBU’s advisors and professors are here to help you make an informed decision that is best for you. Whether you feel called to help kids in pediatrics, study hearts in cardiology, or choose another avenue, DBU’s Pre-Med program will equip you with the tools you need. The Pre-Med program at DBU is designed to help students understand their natural giftings and how that could be put to use in the medical field. As you determine what your future in the medical field may look like, there are a few things that you should consider.
  • God’s calling on your life
  • Do your strengths match medical school requirements?
  • Do your short and long term goals match up with going to medical school?
  • What makes you interested in medical school?
  • Are you prepared for the investment, both time and money, that medical school is?
Preparing for Medical School

MCAT Prep Course

Dallas Baptist University partners with Kaplan, a test preparatory corporation, to provide an MCAT prep course. With this course, students are able to study with peers, take practice tests, and work through a guided analysis of test content.

Building a Resume

With the growing competitive nature of medical school applications, it would be wise for students to focus on building their resumes while in undergrad. Students will have the opportunity to meet with the Pre-Med advisor, Dr. Curtis Lee, to help discuss opportunities to build up their resumes as they study.

Application Process

While medical schools do not require a certain major, but rather value the diversity of majors, they do have certain criteria they focus on. As you pursue your undergraduate degree, it would be wise to focus on building tools to prepare you for medical school. Medical school applications often focus on the following components:

  • Academic Record
  • MCAT Score
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • Letters of Recommendation

*See additional information about specific application requirements here.

Why Prepare for Medical School at DBU?

The Pre-Med program at Dallas Baptist University provides a unique experience to prepare for medical school in a Christian environment. As students learn about the science behind the functions and composition of the human anatomy, they are also learning how to connect their faith to their profession. The Pre-Med program is designed to train students to serve those in need of specialized care while also growing in their faith. Education at DBU provides the opportunity to meet with professors and advisors for advice about post-graduate work or other life decisions. Whether it is giving advice about medical schools, internships, MCAT prep, research, or other opportunities, the professors and advisors at DBU are here to help.