The DBU Pre-Law Program equips students for law school in a variety of ways:

Pre-Law Webinar

Informational Session and Q&A with Dr. David Cook as he shares about the DBU Pre-Law program at DBU!

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Determining Your Calling to Law School

Let us come alongside you as you determine God’s unique calling within the legal field. Visit with professors and advisors to determine if law school is something you are being called to and determine where that could lead.

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Preparing You Academically for Law School

Establish the foundation needed to be successful in law school and beyond. Whether participating in a mock trial or analyzing a contract, students will leave DBU equipped with skills needed for law school. Students have the opportunity to minor in Legal Studies or take these pre-law classes as electives that complement their major.

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Preparing You Personally and Professionally for Law School

Engage with other students on similar career paths through our student organizations or through service opportunities. Gain real-world experience through internships and shadowing opportunities that help enhance your learning.

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Preparing You for the LSAT and Law School Admissions

Take advantage of the connections that DBU offers whether it is the Kaplan test prep course, law school tours, or other workshops. Students will receive personalized guidance from the pre-law advisor to help them make decisions such as where to go to law school or what career to pursue once they obtain their degree.

DBU Pre-Law Advisor

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Office: Pilgrim Chapel Suite 206 

Dr. David Cook

Dean of Global Studies & Pre-Professional Programs
Senior Legal Counsel to the President

Dr. Cook serves at Dallas Baptist University as the Senior Legal Counsel to the President and as the Dean of Global Studies and Pre-Professional Programs. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Baylor University, a Juris Doctorate from SMU Law School, and a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from DBU. Prior to coming to DBU, Dr. Cook founded and practiced law at Cook & Gore, PLLC. His areas of practice included Business Transactions, Litigation, Probate, Estate Planning, and Immigration Law.


DBU Pre-Law Alumni Profiles

headshot of Seth Roberts

Seth Roberts

Partner, Locke Lorde (Dallas)

headshot of Armistead Lewis

Armistead Lewis

Associate, Susman Godfrey (Houston)


headshot of Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson

General Counsel, Arcosa, Inc. (Dallas)


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Stephen Crane

Partner, Crane Law Firm (Midlothian)

Degree Plan: Legal Studies Minor

Students who choose to pursue the minor in Legal Studies will engage in a robust 15-hour curriculum that includes one required course (A Christian Worldview of Business, Politics, and the Law), along with four additional courses, which may include:

  • Business and Contract Law
  • Criminal Law and Personal Injury
  • Constitutional Law Theory
  • Legal and Political Advocacy
  • Internship in Political Science
  • Special Topics in the Law
  • Mock Trial

The minor in Legal Studies degree plan is available on our catalog page.


Through the DBU Pre-Law program, students have the opportunity to meet with an advisor individually to help think through internship options and decide the best course of action. DBU works with local lawyers and law firms to create experiences and pipelines to equip students with the connections they need to be successful. Students also have the opportunity to participate in various on-campus organizations/teams that expose them to practical opportunities to learn more about the practice of law as they consider this as a career.



Students can meet with their advisors to discuss internship opportunities and locations. Former students have interned with local law firms, finance firms, state Senators, and other local opportunities.

Christian Legal Society


Christian Legal Society is a national organization that exists as a fellowship of Christians dedicated to serving Jesus Christ through the practice and study of law, the defense of religious freedom and life, and the provision of legal aid to the needy.

Seeking Justice with the Love of God"
Luke 11:42; Matthew 23:23

DBU’s chapter of the Christian Legal Society (CLS) provides opportunities to hear from various speakers in the practice of law who are followers of Christ and who apply their faith to their practice. Speakers include: In House Counsel, partners and lawyers from large firms as well as solo/small firms, Prosecutors, legal advisors within government, etc. One important goal of CLS is to help our members learn more about the different law schools they can consider upon the completion of their undergraduate work by doing law school visits. If you would like to consider joining DBU’s Christian Legal Society, please apply here.

Mock Trial


DBU’s award-winning Mock Trial Team exists to offer students the opportunity to hone their trial advocacy skills in a fun and competitive environment. Our Mock Trial Team competes against local, regional, and national competitions through The American Mock Trial Association. Learn more about our Mock Trial Team. Apply to join the Mock Trial Team!

Debate Team


The debate team at Dallas Baptist University competes in the nationwide National Public Debate Association. Students can compete in both parliamentary and team policy debate. NPDA-affiliated teams compete in extemporaneous, two-on-two parliamentary style debate. Topics for debate include a wide range of subjects, from discussions of value to public policy.

Model UN


Model United Nations is an educational program designed to help students learn diplomacy, critical thinking, teamwork, and other leadership skills. In Model UN, students will have the opportunity to learn by simulation through representing different countries. As their assigned countries, student teams will form positions based on the position their country truly represents.

Navigating decisions about your career can be daunting, but our professors and advisors want to come alongside you to help as you determine God's calling on your life. We want to help you make the most informed decision that leads you in a direction to use your gifts to further the kingdom. The Pre-Law program is designed to highlight students’ natural giftings as well as equip students who feel called to use the law to serve others in God’s name. While working on your undergraduate degree, you have the opportunity to be able to sit down with professors and advisors to discuss law school being an option for you and pray through whether this might be God's calling for you. As you make this decision to further your education and pursue a career in the law field, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

  • Your calling from the Lord
  • Whether law school plays into your natural strengths
  • Your short and long term goals and how law school can help you achieve them
  • Your passion for justice, helping the community, and interest in the legal field
  • Whether you are prepared for the investment of time and money that law school will require

LSAT Prep Course

Dallas Baptist University partners with Kaplan, a leader in the test preparatory industry, to provide a robust LSAT preparation course for DBU students. With this course, students are able to study with peers, take practice tests, and work through guided analysis of test content.

Building a Resume

Most law schools look not just at a students GPA and LSAT scores, but at a holistic picture of each candidate's background. Thus, it is important that students build a resume that showcases who they are, how they have a commitment to the study and practice of law, and an interest in serving the community. Our DBU Pre-Law advisor provides information, feedback, and resources to students wanting to learn how to build a comprehensive resume. 

Application Process

Applying to law school is an important step for our students, so at DBU, we provide support, counsel, and help to students who are actively applying for admission to law schools. At many law schools, the admission decision is based on a number of factors, including a student's GPA, LSAT score, resume, demonstrated commitment to the study and practice of law, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Our Pre-Law advisor regularly helps students understand this process, create a complete portfolio that showcases their unique qualities, and apply for admission at a variety of law schools. 

Students who choose to prepare for law school at Dallas Baptist University have the unique experience of a program with Christian distinctives. Through Christian worldview classes or mentorship relationships with professors, students learn how to grow in their faith and connect their faith to their profession. At DBU, students receive personalized attention from professors whether it is a lunch to discuss big issues or a sounding board to grapple with life’s big decisions. Education at DBU is about more than gaining knowledge, but it extends its reach to learning how to engage knowledge with faith for a deeper foundation and understanding. Pre-Law classes are taught in a mixed method style that models law school classes, but are geared toward undergraduate learning style. These courses are designed to help students get a picture of what law school will look like and determine if law school is for them. Students have the opportunity to put this knowledge to practice outside of the classroom through internships, research opportunities, missions, and more. Whether it is helping you prepare for the LSAT, make a decision about law school, or survive a challenging course, Dallas Baptist University professors in the Pre-Law program are here to help.