DBU Senior Interns for Senator

DBU student Spencer Hamilton

This summer, DBU Senior Spencer Hamilton secured an internship in Washington, D.C. within the office for Colorado Senator Cory Gardner. A native Coloradan himself, Hamilton currently studies Political Science at DBU and hopes to pursue a permanent role in the nation's capitol after graduation.

"Although born in Baltimore, Maryland, I have few memories from those two years, so I like to call myself a native Coloradan. I was fortunate to spend the majority of my childhood with the luxuries of a gorgeous state that unfortunately came at the price of political isolation," Hamilton shared. "My parents were both working government jobs during their time on the east coast, and I became accustomed to dinner conversations constantly involving policy and politics.

Although a career in politics does not have a clearly defined path, it is a discipline I thoroughly enjoy as a result of my parents' dialogue. Choosing to study Political Science at DBU was an easy decision because I knew that in some capacity I would like to serve the United States, and I believed this degree would prepare me best."

Rounding out his junior year, Hamilton decided to pursue an internship in Washington D.C.

"It is difficult to spend time in D.C. without encountering politics in even casual conversation, so naturally this was where I knew I wanted to go!" Hamilton mentioned.

This internship opportunity has been on Hamilton's radar since his sophomore year at DBU. However, it wasn't until last December that he secured his place as an intern for Senator Gardner.

"The application for his office relied heavily on written response to a variety of prompts including a cover letter, an argument for qualification, opinion statements on policy issues, and more," explained Hamilton. "This was followed by a rigorous half-hour interview and thirty anxious days while other applicants were evaluated. This position was an easy decision to pursue since Senator Gardner is not only my home-state Senator, but I also closely align with his policies."

As one of many Congressional interns in D.C., Hamilton's job entails carrying out any office functions that the Senator may need him to step into.

"I think the easiest way to summarize the role of an intern is to reliably fill in wherever needed," Hamilton said, "whether that be answering phones, giving constituents a tour of the Capitol, or any other seemingly appropriate task that assists the office in their duties."

The most exciting part of his internship, Hamilton states, is staying in the nation's capital—a place teeming with some of the country's most promising individuals and a city where any Political Science major would thrive.

"The atmosphere in D.C. is electric and unbeatable," Hamilton shared. "The city contains some of the brightest and hardest working individuals in our nation and to be surrounded by them is inspiring and humbling. I am most excited about the people I will continue to meet and the experience that I will be able to carry into whatever comes next."

Surrounded by buildings such as the White House and the Capitol, Hamilton's internship is allowing him to connect what he has learned in the classroom and take the next step as he finishes up his senior year and pursues the next step towards a career in Washington, D.C. after graduation.

"As a rising Senior at DBU, this fall I hope to explore law school or an entry-level position in D.C for after graduation. The chance to work with high level officials and fall into a team united behind a purpose is a dream come true for an internship experience."

Written by Faith Myers

Faith Myers is a member of University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.