Giving Day: DBU Alum Enters Final Year of Medical School

Josh Dodderer

This summer, DBU Alum Josh Dodderer enters his final year of medical school. As a current MD/MPH student, his role includes serving as a clinician in the hospital, designing a public health research project on education in surrounding border communities, and identifying areas of intervention for local organizations and schools. In addition to a Doctorate in Medicine, Dodderer is working towards a Master of Public Health degree and applying for pediatric residency.

“My prayer and efforts right now are directed toward scoring as high as I can on my clinical and licensing exams in order to continue building my competitiveness as an applicant for the top pediatric residencies in the country,” Dodderer explained. “Ultimately, I desire to land at a world-class program so I may acquire the best training possible for the patients and families I will serve for the rest of my life as a pediatrician."

"Beyond residency, I have a keen interest in the field of Hematology/Oncology (blood disorders and cancers) and would like to pursue a fellowship after residency to become a pediatric specialist in that field. There are many wonderful kids and families around the country and world that do not have adequate access to healthcare, much less pediatric blood/cancer specialists, so I would like to continue my domestic medical ministry, alongside my international medical ministry, by improving the opportunities and outcomes for that sub-population of patients.”

"My calling into medicine is, I believe, my personal branch of ministry. I have seen the Lord direct that calling through the quiet times of prayer with Him and reflection of His Scripture in application to my life and giftings."

Dodderer credits the ministry of Jesus, whose life intentionally sought to care for those in need, for his desire to pursue medicine. Dodderer explains that his call to medicine has been apparent since high school.

“The journey to my calling in medicine has been strenuous and extensive, but it extends much further than just finding a career or feeding my ego with a prestigious vocation.” Dodderer shared. “My calling into medicine is, I believe, my personal branch of ministry. I have seen the Lord direct that calling through the quiet times of prayer with Him and reflection of His Scripture in application to my life and giftings, as well as the wisdom and encouragement through my fiancée, family, mentors, and friends. Candidly, I believed the Lord was directing me towards medicine my senior year of high school, so I have asked Him continuously throughout this journey to bless my efforts in studying and liken my mind to His so I may understand His creation.”

For Dodderer, childhood and family violence is a significant area of interest and a main influence in his decision to pursue the field of pediatrics. His desire is to continue raising awareness on the issue and to continue serving victims throughout his life and career.

“For many years, abuse, whether adult or pediatric, was something that society and the church did not want to talk about and swept under the rug,” Dodderer said. “From my clinical experience and through volunteering at an abuse and family violence clinic, I have seen the horrendous consequences abuse and family violence have on the personal development and long-term health of individuals mentally, physically, and spiritually."

"At the core, abuse is a sin problem that we must address in our world with the grace and truth of the cross. It is time we stop ostracizing victims of abuse and family violence and provide holistic opportunities for them to heal and begin anew without fear of judgment. Advocating for these kids and families and being a voice for them should be the responsibility of every believer, regardless of vocation. However, I believe it is even more so for me as a pediatrician.”

Dodderer explains that his academic career, as well as the instruction and mentorship he received along the way, has prepared him to enter the field of pediatrics.

“The Lord transformed me from a kid who did not prioritize or discipline himself academically to a man who made one B+ in college by half a point and has excelled academically, both in college and now in medical school,” Dodderer shared. “However, that is not a testament to myself, but a testament to His abundant grace in providing an institution like DBU. DBU’s professors, administrators, and faculty served as critical influences in transforming me into someone who seeks His wisdom and knowledge by first fearing Him, as Proverbs 1:7 describes. Because of my incredible experiences at DBU and medical school, I am now about to enter my fourth year of medical school competitive enough to apply for the top pediatric residency programs in the nation. However, I genuinely would not be where I am without the instruction and mentorship of those at DBU who invested in my faith, knowledge, and work ethic.”

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Written by Faith Myers

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