Dr. David Coffey Headlines Inaugural Nexus Ministry Leadership Conference

Dr. David Coffey speaking at the Nexus Conference in Dallas on the DBU campus

Dallas Baptist University recently welcomed nearly 120 guests as a part of its inaugural Nexus Ministry Leadership Conference, sponsored jointly by the Graduate School of Ministry and the Gary Cook School of Leadership. Designed to focus on the intersection or "nexus" of ministry and leadership, the event welcomed a wide variety of ministry leaders from churches, non-profit organizations, schools, and parachurch ministries.

David Coffey, a long-time friend of the University and former head of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and President of the Baptist World Alliance, served as the keynote speaker for the event, and representatives from both the Cook School of Leadership and the Graduate School of Ministry helped to lead breakout sessions in the afternoon.

"Our goal is not to learn about leadership with the intent that you might get more stuff done in your organizational setting," explained Dr. Brent Thomason, Dean of the Graduate School of Ministry, during his opening remarks. "We want to move beyond the ideas of corporate leadership to Christian leadership—leadership that takes place from the pulpit, leadership that takes place from the pew, and leadership that takes place in all spaces in between. Today, we explore the Nexus. Tomorrow, we Lead like Jesus. This is our prayer."

During his talk, Coffey followed the theme of the conference—Lead Like Jesus—and utilized passages from Luke 4 and John 11 to establish Jesus' unique leadership style that balanced boldness and truth with compassion and care. Dr. Coffey recited one of his favorite quotes, "May you always be covered by the dust of your rabbi." He loves this phrase because it illustrates the power of Christ, that even being in the wake of the dust He leaves behind is divine.

Nexus conference pannel discuss

In addition to the breakout sessions that covered a variety of leadership topics, including leading change, crisis leadership, mentoring leaders, leading in times of transition, and leading various generations, the conference also provided a special panel discussion about the challenges of leadership. The panelists included DBU President Dr. Adam C. Wright, DBU Chancellor Dr. Gary Cook, Founder of the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative Dr. Randall Everett, Senior Pastor of Community Missionary Baptist Church in DeSoto and DBU Trustee Reverend Oscar Epps, and Director of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House and current DBU Trustee Chair Raquel Contreras.

"Our hope is that this conference would be both an encouragement and challenge to those who are serving in ministry leadership roles," explained Dr. Adam C. Wright, DBU President. "The world is in desperate need of leaders whose mind is set on Christ and whose heart is prepared to serve others. In the coming years, we pray that DBU can play our part to help prepare a generation of individuals who are ready to lead as Jesus led." 

A graduate of Spurgeon's College, London, David Coffey has served as a British Baptist pastor since 1967 in local churches in Leicester, London, and Torquay. He was appointed General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain in 1991 and served for fifteen years before being elected President of the Baptist World Alliance from 2005-2010. He served as Global Ambassador for BMS World Mission 2009-2019, the organization William Carey, John Sutcliff, and Andrew Fuller founded in 1792. He has visited 80 countries on six continents, focusing on human rights and religious liberty and the development of emerging leaders.

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Written by University Communications