Commissional Corner: Celebrating More December Graduates of the Master of Arts in Global Leadership

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The MAGL program is continuing to celebrate the 2022 December graduates! They have put in a great deal of time and effort to finish this degree, overcoming challenges along the way with the Lord's grace and guidance. The GSOM is proud to feature Heydi Cayoja and Seeun Youn.

Seeun Youn

How has the Lord provided for you during your MAGL degree?headshot of Seeun Youn

"I studied in both the MAGL and MBA programs. I could have never graduated without God's grace. I had many difficulties during the semesters but overcame them well and came this far. Without God's guidance, I might have already given up. God gave me strength so I could finish all my courses."

How have the MAGL courses contributed to your career interests?

"I learned a lot about leadership, primarily through the MAGL courses. Since there is leadership in every job, knowing my leadership tendencies and identifying the characteristics of job leaders is very helpful for my career interests."

Heydi Cayoja

How has the Lord provided for you during your MAGL degree?

"God has been the one who has spiritually and financially provided everything I have needed during my MAGL studies. As an international student, married, and mother of two little girls, each semester has been a challenge of faith for me. However, I have been blessed with DBU scholarships and my family's support."headshot of Heydi Cayoja

What was your favorite MAGL class, and why?

"All the classes contributed to my academic and spiritual growth; however, Integrating Faith and Culture was where I understood the importance of distinguishing Christianity from the culture of those who were the means to bring the gospel and how this can be a barrier to reaching the lost. Other classes like Church History and Systematic Theology brought about a complete transformation in my overview of Christianity. I am grateful to all the teachers who contributed to my knowledge improvement and academic formation."


The GSOM is excited to see what the Lord does through these students and his calling for their lives. Congratulations Seeun and Heydi!

Written by The Graduate School of Ministry

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