DBU Launches New Block Tuition Model, Offers Increased Flexibility to Students

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DALLAS – Dallas Baptist University is pleased to announce it will adopt a block tuition pricing model for full-time, undergraduate, degree-seeking students beginning with the fall 2022 semester.

In an effort to provide student flexibility, allow students to move more quickly towards graduation, and simplify the billing process, DBU has moved to a new block tuition for all full-time undergraduate students taking between 12-18 hours. This move to block tuition also furthermore aligns DBU with the predominant tuition billing model for private universities across the state of Texas.

In the new block tuition model, DBU undergraduate students who take 12-18 credit hours in the Fall or Winter/Spring semesters will pay a fixed tuition rate of $16,905 each semester for the 2022-23 academic year.

To deliver the increased flexibility for student schedules under the block tuition model, DBU will be increasing the number and variety of fall, winter, and spring mini-term course offerings that will be applicable under the new block tuition model for each semester when the block tuition is charged.

As part of a comprehensive student success strategy, DBU’s adoption of block tuition is designed to encourage students to complete their degrees on time or early, eliminating the increased cost of higher education as a result of delayed graduation while increasing students’ earning potential by allowing them to enter the workforce sooner.

Additionally, block tuition will help DBU families manage the financial impact of higher education and offer a financial incentive for students to take full advantage of the available hours within the block tuition model. Additionally, block tuition will help to simplify the overall cost of education, aiding families as they plan financially for their student’s degree.

To learn more about block tuition, visit www.dbu.edu/block-tuition.

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